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It is a great article but please, please keep in mind she's very Catholic and very Conservative who holds views many here would find repugnant. I often avoid reading her articles unless I want my blood pressure raised.

You can look at her Wikipedia article for a better idea on her views. There is more but that gives you a taster.

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Are you thinking possibly of Breda O'Brien rather than Breda Power?

Breda O'Brien would be associated with the Iona Institute and so Roman Catholic she makes the Pope look like a Protestant. I remember reading an article she wrote, about how even child rape victims who are impregnated as a result shouldn't have abortions, and nearly puking so she sticks in my mind. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/despite-some-awful-dilemmas-abortion-is-not-an-option-1.727607

No, they both are conservative Catholics but Power less so and is more feminist. She does things with the Iona Institute and other Catholic organisations as does O'Brien, who's actually on the board of Iona though and more traditional with a side of hateful takes that always hurt women.

Like I said, I think they opted to keep O'Brien for print and web but Power for print only. Pure speculation by me though.

Don't mean to come off condescending in the comment but I'm trying to be clear about everything.

Appreciate the clarification!

Nice to meet a fellow Irish person on here. I think there's a few of us on Ovarit :)