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It is a great article but please, please keep in mind she's very Catholic and very Conservative who holds views many here would find repugnant. I often avoid reading her articles unless I want my blood pressure raised.

You can look at her Wikipedia article for a better idea on her views. There is more but that gives you a taster.

You shouldn't be getting downvoted for this insight. We should be listening to our Irish sistren on this.

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Cheers. I agree with what she has written here and appreciate she's her own woman when it is a very hard time to do so but she's affiliated with conservative Catholic organisations including the Iona Institute.

I'm not trying to derail the conversation but I live in Ireland and am very familiar with her. So just proceed with caution is all I'm saying!

We're all here to learn.

I'm across the way in Scotland so I know first and second hand reports from friends an family.

I honestly can't imagine what you have been through. It is extremely important to know the history of women in Ireland.