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Francis was much kinder than I would have been. They literally look like women with stupid moustaches. Because that's what they are.



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A trans activist YouTuber with a 930K subscriber base shared my song in a reaction video. In it, I am accused of focussing solely on transwomen, and not transmen. A gauntlet is thrown down: “How about you say the same points, but to me. What makes me not a man?”

  1. The first and most obvious difference between you and I and the reason you are not a man is that you require synthetic drugs to sustain the simulation that you are a man. Your voice, that facial hair, none of it is naturally induced.

  2. I do not need drugs to have a deep voice or facial hair, my body naturally facilitates it. Yours doesn’t. You have no acquaintance with the flood of natural testosterone during puberty, how it affects behaviour, how a male's life is moulded by it.

  3. Unlike you, I never needed to amputate breasts because as a man I never developed them. Your body does not produce the sperm cell and will never do so. Your body developed to produce the egg cell and thus you will remain female no matter what.

  4. The common cult retort here is to suggest that I must think an infertile woman is not a woman, that those who cannot produce a sex cell are therefore no longer male or female. This is thick.

  5. A male dog doesn’t cease being male when its balls are cut off, likewise a female human doesn’t cease being female because she has her ovaries removed.

  6. Your body developed the apparatus to produce the egg cell. You may have had a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy, but you will not replace that with the apparatus needed to produce sperm cells – the cardinal defining characteristic of a man – a characteristic you do not have.

  7. You have a lump of skin affixed to your crotch which was sourced from your arm or thigh. This skin graft is not a penis, it’s a facsimile, a crude construct, a wedge of flesh fastened to your front which ultimately serves to cater only to an aesthetic whim.

  8. It is either limp or requires a gizmo tucked under it that you press to inflate. You think this is a penis? It's a strap-on made of excised flesh. You will thus never experience sexual stimulation as a man, never have an erection, and you will never have sex as a man.

  9. Every single cell in your body will testify to the fact you are female, a woman. Your body size, your bone size, your skeleton, your skull, your blood volume, your heart size, your lung size, your physique will never meet that of the average man.

  10. At best you will pass as a diminutive male, but even compared to a man of the same weight and same height as you, your body structure will differ in telling ways: your pelvis will remain the shape it is, your gait will be that of a female, your walk often gives it away.

  11. Your drug injections will not make up for the blast of testosterone that a male has during those 7-10 years of puberty which crafts his sexual development. Owing to this, there is little you will ever do to truly meet what it means to be a man.

  12. Ultimately your entire ‘identity’ as a man is a simulacrum, a lie which you’ve repeated to yourself and had repeated to you. Stripped of drugs, your body would revert to its natural, albeit altered, form over time, your voice would perhaps croak back to its natural timbre.

  13. Therefore, the core difference between you and I and the reason that you are not a man is because you need drugs to simulate what it means to be a man, whereas I don’t because I am a man.

  14. You are merely a woman injecting herself with testosterone to acquire an approximate sense of what it feels like to be a man. Your experience remains that of a woman simulating a man, not a woman who has somehow now become a man.

  15. This entire saga of yours began with a creeping whisper deep within you. For a long time, you had no answer to this crying question: ‘why do I suffer?’ But then you found transgenderism on the internet, and it was manna from heaven, a lightning revelation.

  16. It taught you why you suffered, why you felt such discomfort as a female. You were inducted into a community, a cult of camaraderie, a conclave of the like-minded who all felt at odds with their bodies. Your gender adventure commenced.

  17. And yet, with every injection you give yourself, another whisper rises from the depths, relaying a secret you’ve hidden from yourself all this time, a truth that gradually gnaws at you and grinds you down over the years.

  18. With each needle you stick in your arm, its voice grows louder and louder, it’s your old voice, your natural voice, and it says: ‘I am not a man – why pretend?’ And perhaps there will come a day when you acknowledge that voice and tell yourself: ‘I can’t pretend anymore.’

  19. I say none of this with malice or in spite. I say it because I think this mass wave of medical sex denial that many have been hoodwinked with is one of the most insidious cultural developments of our era – a development destined to come undone.

  20. This is the original song. I'm sure most have heard it by now, but for new followers you can watch the FULL VIDEO here:

Francis Aaron – Boys Will Be Girls

Can I also just repeat how utterly horrifying the phrase, "It's a strap-on made of excised flesh." is??? Christ lol

Your experience remains that of a woman simulating a man, not a woman who has somehow now become a man.

I think this might be the most relevant one. I don't understand why TiMs/TiFs want their experience to be considered "authentically" male or female. You have a trans-man or trans-woman's experience and those are very conceptually distinct.

Horrifying but true. The same way that a flayed, inverted penis stuffed into the pelvic cavity to exist as an open wound will never be a vagina.

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I wish he would have dug a little more into WHY she ACTUALLY hates being female. That part is important. But he’s a man so I guess he couldn’t go there, could he?

This is the only part I disagree with:

You think this is a penis? It's a strap-on made of excised flesh.

From everything I've read, surgically constructed phalluses don't work anywhere near as well as a strap. Most of the time they're too fat to fit inside anyone, with a strap you can select the exact size and shape you want, and they often destroy clitoral function trying to enervate it, resulting in a person who can no longer orgasm. You can get a strap that stimulates the wearer's clit that will be more pleasurable for everyone involved. I truly, truly don't get why TIFs ever get bottom surgery, there's no way peeing standing up is worth all the pain, money, and complications.

Yeah- I've legit seen stick-on straps that look more real than phallos, and are probably actually fun to use. If they wanted it so badly they could just... Get one of those and not take it off? Idk

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Why do their moustaches always look like something you'd paint on your face for a joke

It's the best they can do, most of the time. Some of them can grow a full beard if they've been on testosterone long enough, but initially, all you can hope for is a sad pedo-stache and maybe some pube-y chin hairs.

Quote from his song: "The man who identifies as a woman has but a man's grasp upon womanhood"

What a king :')

Standing to pee is really the only thing that you believe makes you a man? By that definition, me and my camping funnel make a complete man lmfao.

How about... - You cannot produce sperm cells or father a child genetically

  • you cannot produce endogenous testosterone

  • you lack the SRY gene which controlled your sex development as a female in utero

  • you don't have the characteristic deep voice of a guy with an Adam's apple

  • you don't have an understanding of the sheer privilege that comes with being born male - TIFs are silenced whereas their amab counterparts are put in the limelight even in trans spaces

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Time to start asking this TIFs, what doesnt make them a woman? Same for TIMs. What doesnt make them men? And like they like to say, you cant use biology. So no wispy moustache, or a phallus jerry-rigged out of armskin and balloons. Lets unpack those gender feels which as everyone knows, are just stereotypes.

I asked an acquaintance this once: ''What doesn't make you a woman?'' She responded with all of the stereotypes. She doesn't feel feminine (UGH), she gets along better with guys (yet she applied to and attended an all-women's college), she related to male characters (ignoring that male characters are usually given a depth female characters are denied), and she felt attracted to women, but not in a lesbian way (good afternoon, homophobia).

and she felt attracted to women, but not in a lesbian way

LOL. What's that even supposed to mean?

You are a woman solely attracted to other women? Congratulations, that's the "lesbian way".

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Humans, like all mammals, are members of one of two sexes, and you are a member of the one that can produce eggs rather than the one that can produce sperm. You don't have to produce eggs yourself to be a member of the sex that can produce eggs; you don't have to have two legs or be able to walk on them to be a member of a bipedal species. 🤦

Anyone want to make bets on whether he’ll be banned for this? My guess is no, but if he were a woman saying these things it would be yes.

Hm, that mustache rivals Chase Strangio's.

I did a more convincing moustache than that with greasepaint in a school play.

His song is good.

Next up is age fluidity so pedophiles can legally rape children.

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