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I'm with you. Pads for life. My mom was super anti-pad and it felt like she expected me to use pads early on and then switch, like her, but I never liked tampons. Tried a cup once, and didn't care for it. I like to know what's going on down there. When I need to change. And I just hate the feeling of something internal.

And I use cloth most of the time so ... never gotta worry about a shortage here, either.

I don't knock it if it's your thing, but this feeling that "if people just KNEW about cups they would switch!!!" strikes me as so strange. Most people know in this day and age If you're on the internet, you HAVE to know by now. A lot of people just honestly do not care for them.

I wish I liked pads, definitely is the most straight forward and simple. I just can't stand the GUSH when I stand up feeling lol.