I hope this causes more women to seek out menstrual cups and give them a shot. Been using one since 2015 and it has saved me so much $$$

But that requires you to reach up into your vagina to expand a cup that will later require you to reach up into your vagina AGAIN to remove a cup and then

empty it out


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I'm with you. Pads for life. My mom was super anti-pad and it felt like she expected me to use pads early on and then switch, like her, but I never liked tampons. Tried a cup once, and didn't care for it. I like to know what's going on down there. When I need to change. And I just hate the feeling of something internal.

And I use cloth most of the time so ... never gotta worry about a shortage here, either.

I don't knock it if it's your thing, but this feeling that "if people just KNEW about cups they would switch!!!" strikes me as so strange. Most people know in this day and age If you're on the internet, you HAVE to know by now. A lot of people just honestly do not care for them.

I wish I liked pads, definitely is the most straight forward and simple. I just can't stand the GUSH when I stand up feeling lol.

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....yeah. It's fine.

I find tampons to actually be grosser (that string blech) and smellier than the cup. Menstrual blood in a cup has zero smell. Used tampons smell like dirty socks (and so do pads).

I never felt any smell coming from my pads. Even when I use the maxi ones.

What's wrong with emptying it out? I can see why some women might be squeamish about putting their fingers into their own vagina or worried about infection (although it's really fine, the vagina can cope with clean hands, think what else it has to cope with) but what's wrong with pouring away your menstrual blood?

Also you don't have to reach into your vagina to expand the cup. It pops open by itself. You just fold it and insert. Maybe twizzle the base with fingertips to make sure it has opened properly.

so for me personally i can't stand the idea of pulling it out, emptying it, and shoving it back in without washing it. and there is no way i am doing that in a public rest room. I know a lot of people do it just like that and it's fine, but I have ... OCD issues. Not a germ thing per say but a need to reset thing completely before doing a task. I was the kid who lined up her legos before building. So it's totally a personal hang up... and not anything I would advise anyone else to take stock of.

Exactly....I don't understand how a pad or tampon is somehow aesthetically more tolerable for the squeamish? For example, every time you pee you're looking at blood on your pad. With a cup I can't see it until I take it out. I just don't get it.

This is the first month I've switched to menstrual discs and it's a learning curve for sure. At one point I gave up out of frustration and went back to Tampons I still had. I hope I can get the hang out the disc next month. The first day with the disc went great but then I had issues with leaking. I never figured out what I was doing wrong, if I had just had beginners luck that first day or if it was because of heavy flow, or what. But i really hope to get the hang of it because the first day of my period was a dream.

I have never tried a disc (Lunette Type 1 user 4lyfe) but from what I read they seem more difficult to use and perhaps more prone to user error? Maybe try a cup as well if the disc doesn't work out.

That said if I'm on Day 2 and don't change at opportune times I will definitely leak as well with the cup (especially over night if I don't feel like getting up during the night). I just supplement with period underwear and that does the trick for whatever leaks may happen