Please tell me NPR got ratioed for using "people who menstruate" instead of saying women, ffs.

[–] boudica 4 points Edited

Yes, they got ratioed hard: 1,816 likes, 2,408 quote retweets, and 7,529 comments as of now.


What's even funnier is it's a tweet thread, and in the very next tweet after this one they say, "It's yet another supply chain problem where women are bearing the brunt of the cost, as mothers struggle to feed their babies during the baby formula shortage." Can't even get their wokespeak right.

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They are struggling badly with wokespeak. As another commenter points out, the products are referred to as "feminine care" but those who need them are "people who menstruate". Very very confused. Or could it be satire? Difficult to know.

NPR is one of the worst offenders. I haven't listened to them for a couple of years because their so afraid of upsetting smowflakes.

They have been doing this for a while, now. There are men and then there are menstruators! The new names for the two sexes.