I’ve noticed a shortage of pads in the UK at times, but not tampons

Where? the only place I see out of pads is Lidl and thats because its the cheapest place and everyones poor, they are out of stock within 5 mins of getting them in as everyone buys em in bulk when they see them. no shortage of always or bodyform just the cheap own brands that cost less then £1 a pack

I couldn’t find any in Lidl, even the expensive brands, I didn’t realise people were buying in bulk though, that makes sense. It’s not ongoing, just sometimes I notice in shops I try to get them and they’re all out.

I wouldnt trust lidl as an indicator because people assume they are the cheapest and buy in bulk there anyway, they are often out of toilet roll and washing up liquid for example, but they are not the cheapest for either( they are for pads tho) morrisons has cheaper bog roll and washing up liquid, altho I notice their cheapest washing up liquid which is 30p a bottle is often not with the rest, its up on a high shelf in a corner so people dont notice it.