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What's funny is they could have sidestepped the whole gender woo mess by saying "tampon users" or even "consumers." I'm a woman, and I menstruate, but I don't use tampons, so I don't know diddly squat about what is going on out there with the tampon supply chain, aside from this and one other thing I read on FB.

If I saw a story reporting "Shoppers say it's getting harder and harder to find the tampon brand they prefer" or something similar, I wouldn't bat an eye. You could truthfully say "not all tampon shoppers are women" because husbands buy tampons for their wives. Fathers buy tampons for their daughters. Instantcart workers, who might be men, buy tampons. Custodians, who are often men, making purchases for bathroom supplies, purchase tampons. Menopausal women might purchase tampons for their daughters or granddaughters or for the women's shelter they volunteer at.

This is a case where it's not really essential to even say woman, yet they still feel the need to virtue signal by throwing "people who menstruate" out there.