I hope this causes more women to seek out menstrual cups and give them a shot. Been using one since 2015 and it has saved me so much $$$

This is the first month I've switched to menstrual discs and it's a learning curve for sure. At one point I gave up out of frustration and went back to Tampons I still had. I hope I can get the hang out the disc next month. The first day with the disc went great but then I had issues with leaking. I never figured out what I was doing wrong, if I had just had beginners luck that first day or if it was because of heavy flow, or what. But i really hope to get the hang of it because the first day of my period was a dream.

I have never tried a disc (Lunette Type 1 user 4lyfe) but from what I read they seem more difficult to use and perhaps more prone to user error? Maybe try a cup as well if the disc doesn't work out.

That said if I'm on Day 2 and don't change at opportune times I will definitely leak as well with the cup (especially over night if I don't feel like getting up during the night). I just supplement with period underwear and that does the trick for whatever leaks may happen