Please tell me NPR got ratioed for using "people who menstruate" instead of saying women, ffs.

They have been doing this for a while, now. There are men and then there are menstruators! The new names for the two sexes.

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Yes, they got ratioed hard: 1,816 likes, 2,408 quote retweets, and 7,529 comments as of now.


What's even funnier is it's a tweet thread, and in the very next tweet after this one they say, "It's yet another supply chain problem where women are bearing the brunt of the cost, as mothers struggle to feed their babies during the baby formula shortage." Can't even get their wokespeak right.

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They are struggling badly with wokespeak. As another commenter points out, the products are referred to as "feminine care" but those who need them are "people who menstruate". Very very confused. Or could it be satire? Difficult to know.

NPR is one of the worst offenders. I haven't listened to them for a couple of years because their so afraid of upsetting smowflakes.

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I would've expected the pandemic to bring a more acute shortage of pads than tampons, because N95 masks filter droplets/moisture with electrostatic non-woven polypropylene—the same material used in the major brands of menstrual pads to ensure that they're leak-proof. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’ve noticed a shortage of pads in the UK at times, but not tampons

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Diversion of the necessary polypropylene could be the reason.

Where? the only place I see out of pads is Lidl and thats because its the cheapest place and everyones poor, they are out of stock within 5 mins of getting them in as everyone buys em in bulk when they see them. no shortage of always or bodyform just the cheap own brands that cost less then £1 a pack

I couldn’t find any in Lidl, even the expensive brands, I didn’t realise people were buying in bulk though, that makes sense. It’s not ongoing, just sometimes I notice in shops I try to get them and they’re all out.

Female erasure is what the NPR does now. It is vewy pwogwessive.

Astonishing, really. Wonder who still gives money to NPR.

By upholding menstrual dignity they should also extend menstrual discrimination to TIMs. Be called dirty and unholy, be denied entrance in Church, be shunned.

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What's funny is they could have sidestepped the whole gender woo mess by saying "tampon users" or even "consumers." I'm a woman, and I menstruate, but I don't use tampons, so I don't know diddly squat about what is going on out there with the tampon supply chain, aside from this and one other thing I read on FB.

If I saw a story reporting "Shoppers say it's getting harder and harder to find the tampon brand they prefer" or something similar, I wouldn't bat an eye. You could truthfully say "not all tampon shoppers are women" because husbands buy tampons for their wives. Fathers buy tampons for their daughters. Instantcart workers, who might be men, buy tampons. Custodians, who are often men, making purchases for bathroom supplies, purchase tampons. Menopausal women might purchase tampons for their daughters or granddaughters or for the women's shelter they volunteer at.

This is a case where it's not really essential to even say woman, yet they still feel the need to virtue signal by throwing "people who menstruate" out there.

I hope this causes more women to seek out menstrual cups and give them a shot. Been using one since 2015 and it has saved me so much $$$

But that requires you to reach up into your vagina to expand a cup that will later require you to reach up into your vagina AGAIN to remove a cup and then

empty it out


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I'm with you. Pads for life. My mom was super anti-pad and it felt like she expected me to use pads early on and then switch, like her, but I never liked tampons. Tried a cup once, and didn't care for it. I like to know what's going on down there. When I need to change. And I just hate the feeling of something internal.

And I use cloth most of the time so ... never gotta worry about a shortage here, either.

I don't knock it if it's your thing, but this feeling that "if people just KNEW about cups they would switch!!!" strikes me as so strange. Most people know in this day and age If you're on the internet, you HAVE to know by now. A lot of people just honestly do not care for them.

I wish I liked pads, definitely is the most straight forward and simple. I just can't stand the GUSH when I stand up feeling lol.

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....yeah. It's fine.

I find tampons to actually be grosser (that string blech) and smellier than the cup. Menstrual blood in a cup has zero smell. Used tampons smell like dirty socks (and so do pads).

I never felt any smell coming from my pads. Even when I use the maxi ones.

What's wrong with emptying it out? I can see why some women might be squeamish about putting their fingers into their own vagina or worried about infection (although it's really fine, the vagina can cope with clean hands, think what else it has to cope with) but what's wrong with pouring away your menstrual blood?

Also you don't have to reach into your vagina to expand the cup. It pops open by itself. You just fold it and insert. Maybe twizzle the base with fingertips to make sure it has opened properly.

Exactly....I don't understand how a pad or tampon is somehow aesthetically more tolerable for the squeamish? For example, every time you pee you're looking at blood on your pad. With a cup I can't see it until I take it out. I just don't get it.

so for me personally i can't stand the idea of pulling it out, emptying it, and shoving it back in without washing it. and there is no way i am doing that in a public rest room. I know a lot of people do it just like that and it's fine, but I have ... OCD issues. Not a germ thing per say but a need to reset thing completely before doing a task. I was the kid who lined up her legos before building. So it's totally a personal hang up... and not anything I would advise anyone else to take stock of.

This is the first month I've switched to menstrual discs and it's a learning curve for sure. At one point I gave up out of frustration and went back to Tampons I still had. I hope I can get the hang out the disc next month. The first day with the disc went great but then I had issues with leaking. I never figured out what I was doing wrong, if I had just had beginners luck that first day or if it was because of heavy flow, or what. But i really hope to get the hang of it because the first day of my period was a dream.

I have never tried a disc (Lunette Type 1 user 4lyfe) but from what I read they seem more difficult to use and perhaps more prone to user error? Maybe try a cup as well if the disc doesn't work out.

That said if I'm on Day 2 and don't change at opportune times I will definitely leak as well with the cup (especially over night if I don't feel like getting up during the night). I just supplement with period underwear and that does the trick for whatever leaks may happen

This reminds me vaguely of the ‘people first’ versus ‘identity first’ language arguments in relation to disabled people. For example, wokes will chastise you if you don’t say ‘people with autism’ but the majority (because nothing is ever unanimous!) opinion among autistic people is that they prefer to be referred to as ‘autistic people’ or ‘autistics’. Proponents of identity first language in the disability rights sphere point out that it is absurd to say ‘people with blondeness’ rather than ‘blondes’ or ‘blonde people’. Yet here we are having the same old thing with women except we are now ‘people who menstruate/with uterus’ and whatnot.

I’m so glad I don’t use tampons. I use pads— though I know there’s a few shortages of those, too. I’m planning on switching to cloth, once I have the money to buy enough to fully switch over.

I can’t use tampons or cups because of a weird internal structure issue. Ceiling is too low due to a hypermobility disorder.

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There is a current demolition on the production of first necessity products in the USA, scary shit since this year tons of food producing plants have been blowing up and suffering strange fires...