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This is what I mean when I say the trans movement is a pure power movement, it’s powered by desire and will. The males see something they want: womanhood, and apply all of their collective willpower and cunning to take it. There’s no boundary, no limit, no ethics, no morals, no human construct that can separate them from what they desire. There’s no bottom. There’s no “ok that’s too far, women are human too, we can’t do this to them, we have what we came for, no need to take it that far.” Nothing is off limits; not children, not taboo body functions, not the most vulnerable women in society (inmates, women in shelters, pregnant women). Everything is available for the one who has the will to take it. Ironically the more they try to claim womanhood for themselves the more stereotypically, symbolically male they behave, always finding another no to push past, another hole to penetrate, another boundary to trounce.

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Ironically the more they try to claim womanhood for themselves the more stereotypically, symbolically male they behave, always finding another no to push past, another hole to penetrate, another boundary to trounce.

Another form of rape.

“Everything is available for he who has the will to take it.”

Perfect summation of these men.

I always thought my now-ex never seemed so male as when he was claiming he was a woman.

The thing about the trans movement that I really dislike is that there is no way to engage with them without this compelled lying.

With other religious groups, I can just avoid bringing up the subject; I don't have to share the faith.

I know back in the day it was different, but I've never had any of my religious friends push a single thing on me, or bring it up if I didn't do it first. I even had one friend "admit" she was religious after knowing her for two years - she never brought it up because she didn't want to make people uncomfortable or them to make fun of her.

Lying is aggressive

Thank you, Anon.

This has been kind of a personal problem for me. Idk if I'm just an easy target or it's something I'm doing to attract it. The least malevolent are when men (it's ALWAYS older men) trap you in 'jokes' they say with straight faces. They're less of a joke, and more of an absurd claim or story. You try to smile, let them know you 'got' it. But they don't stop-- they keep going until they get a wobbly, uncertain smile from you and something like "oh.. really..?" At which point they have their laugh. Gotcha.

OK fine, no real harm done. Although imo this has really messed with me because I also have family who lie. Not blatant lies-- like saying they didn't do something they actually did. It's the subtle kind of lying. The "I didn't say anything!! Why are you mad?!" right after the pointed facial expression. Or when someone is acting hypocritically, and refuses to acknowlege it. And then it stacks up for years, and you get in trouble every time you try to stand up for yourself.

It really undermines your ability to stand up for yourself at work/school and in any situation where you need to defend yourself. I dont' really feel like I can articulate anything clearly anymore, because I usually feel that something is wrong, and shut down all the basic, simple reasons. Which is exactly what's happening with genderism. People are attempting to find increasingly more technical and precise reasons for why a man isn't a woman. When all that should be required is "a man isn't a woman because he's a man." or "women are adult human females, the half of the population that has the capacity to carry babies." (or insert other blatantly obvious reason, like "women have vaginas/men have penises").

The well-earned rage of the woman that wrote the second comment, in particular, filled me with the pure excitement of the power of anger to motivate women to once again stand and fight. We don’t tap into our rage. Men do not allow angry women.

The 4th wave will only move forward successfully if women once again stand and fight for our right to exist. My wish is for all women to stop giving men our womanhood. I refuse to pretend that 2+2=5.

Women are angry because they spend their lives navigating public spaces full of harassment and private spaces full of abuse in a society with, as Soraya Chemaly writes in Rage Becomes Her, a “deep cultural resistance to taking women’s fears of male violence seriously.” Women are angry because they spend their youth being overtly sexualized and their later years being rendered invisible.

Women are angry because if their skin color is not white, they face increased threats of violence, even from the authority figures that are tasked with keeping communities safe. Women are angry because they are told to bottle up their anger and then that bottled up anger ends up linked to physical pain, both chronic and acute.

But more important than its existence is understanding that this anger, this female rage, contains untapped potential. “In anger, whether you like it or not, there is truth,” wrote Chemaly.

The truth is that the anger women feel is not distributed evenly among us, and nor are the consequences for expressing that anger. Women are divided along race, class, generational, political and geographical lines, so some of the anger that women feel is (understandably!) directed at each other.


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Male socialization and male socialized sexuality is all about - is only about - domination and, especially, violation. Males are taught from the day they are born that they are entitled to whatever they want, especially the sex they want the way they want it. Any conscience or regard for womens boundaries is socialized out of them. So they violate womens bodies, spaces, anything for and about women. The greatest male sexual gratification is rape because it is the ultimate violation. That is what male "trans" is all about - is only about.

These are not failed men. They have absorbed male socialization and sexuality completely and that is the only thing their lives are about.

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Image Transcript: 4chan

Anonymous, Wed 12 Jan 2022 21:22:56

I've said this in other threads, but I'll say it here too - Tra#####, don't live in anybody's head rent free. They kick the door to your head down and shit on the carpet. They put themselves everywhere until there is nowhere left to enjoy. I joined a Metroid discord because I was excited about Metroid Dread and wanted to see what people were talking about. There was maybe one person talking about Metroid. Everyone else was congratulating this "egg" that just "came out" as trans in the Metroid Lore discussion channel. I tried to talk about how cool it was that the pirates kept Metroids in Phendrana Drifts because its cold environment prevented them from escaping. I was banned for off topic posting. I tried to watch AGDQ last night. One of the commentators was a man, with a man voice, with a hololive avatar instead of a face, whose pronouns were listed as fae/faer. These fucking people do not leave you, your space, or your thoughts alone. If you try to have a discussion without them, they insist on making it about them. I can't even click a YouTube video anymore without some [redacted] putting on a fake girl voice and trying to act like a cute anime re###d. It's painful. It's dishonest and inauthentic. It is also an act of aggression. If you can't recognize that, I don't know what to tell you.

Anonymous, Wed 12 Jan 2022 23:35:10

act of aggression

Can you elaborate here?

Anonymous, Wed 12 Jan 2022 23:40:31

Lying is aggressive. The entire trans movement is dripping with dishonesty. When you tell me to refer to you as "she/her" you are telling me to see a woman when I look at you. I don't. I see your receding hairline, I see your broad shoulders, see your thin hips, I see your gut and sinking cheeks and wide stubble, I see your fashion sense that reeks of male sensibilities, I see your taste in anime that reeks of somebody with a porn addiction, I see your imitation based on what men find attractive, but more than this I see male aggression. I see the demand to dominate. I see acts of assertion and imperialist reeducation. You demand that I tell you 2+2=5 and when I refuse you become angry, aggressive, and seek my removal or destruction. You are bullies who want to assert yourselves over others but have no field in which you're competitive except in social manipulation. You demand female spaces, you demand female aesthetics, you even demand the female label. You take even this from the women from which you wish you could take love and acceptance. You have gone beyond incel. You have entered into thievery and barbarism. Pastiche. Fraud. Imitation. Ersatz. You are dishonest, inauthentic, and aggressive. You are not, will never, can never, and should never be a wo###. You are the aggressor in every space, turning the conversation towards your hatred of the penis and leg hair, towards your lust for the female. Your insistence on being called a woman is your demand to be given the girlfriend you were denied through your roleplaying as that imaginary woman. You are your father's son, and that is how you will die.

I don't know why the last "woman" was censored.

When I screenshot this, the word woman was already blacked out. I wondered the same as well.

No need to insult or threaten suicide or get upset - smooth, deeply cutting and deeply true. What a beast of a comment.

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lawzy... esp the second one 😳🔥🔥

buuuutttt can somebody please explain to me why exactly one instance of "woman" (out of several) is redacted?

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