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Males gonna male and it always fucking shows. Keffals is a sick incel fuck and I'm glad he inverted his dick. Fat load of help that did though.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Glass of water, @ water_changer

I peaked a friend of mine simply by showing your rapey tweets. She realised transwomen are as male as males get. Ty for that, may you create lots and lots more terfs.


keffals, @ keffals

how do you become such a whiny baby that you manage to convince yourself that a your mom joke is a rape joke


Ӡ, @ ihythreat

13k likes for a r*pe joke is crazy


keffals, @ keffals

"real women have a womb" so are you saying your mom became a man after i destroyed hers


We don't have to do any work "recruiting" TERFs. TRA do it for us.

Loads of men in the comments saying a rape joke isn't rapey.

Just proves that getting their dick inverted doesn't mean they are safer to be around.

Absolutely. It was direct dealings with a TiM that peaked me. He wasn't even an especially bad one, but I couldn't stomach supporting his delusions.

Right, because men see this as normal! The TIM only continues to out himself in the response, he still doesn't get it, went right over his head.

A woman would respond to someone telling her that she was offensive by pausing to think about it, and possibly apologizing, not doubling down and mansplaining what a joke is to the offended party.

And notice the AGPs never make "lol your dad" rape jokes...

Because 1) they are afraid of other men, 2) I bet they find male homosexuality disgusting

At least one good thing can come out of that disgusting tweet….

You will never get your ugly penis back and you deserve it 😊

Is he trying to gaslight with evidence under everyone's eyes? Pathetic

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He had the gall to say this too right after that denial:

BTW your mother consented and i am going to show her a good time

Really sickening asshat. He's stuck in the mind of a 13 year old

Practically transes who want to be called women are just men who want to express their misogyny without repercussion. Being part of an "oppressed" group does not absolve you of being an oppressor. And as long as we talk about transes who want to be called women, we talk about men.

they really cant see it, they are so stuck in pornification they are oblivious as no one really ever holds them to account.

we can all be offensive without knowing if we are never told we are being so.

I don't even have words.

I do not know a single biological woman who would ever threaten violence or rape, or joke about those things.

Male, male, male.

And as a lesbian, I'm expected to date these assholes.

99% of the time when someone makes a joke along the lines of "I am going to fuck your mother" it's a man doing it. So Keffals, if you ever want to be taken seriously as a woman a good place to start would be to stop these behaviours that instantly out you as a male.