Lovely. Some seeds can stay dormant for years, by the way, and then sprout. I remember it happening when my parents bought a new house and some work in the yard was done. Suddenly a fantastic bed of flowers erupted from one of the places where earth had been disturbed, and there had been no flower bed there, we were told by the neighbors, for at least five years.

I hope our seeds sprout faster than that, but sprout they will, and faster when we are attacked (like the spading of earth).

Out here in western North America we've got a few different "pyrophytes"—trees (i think they're all trees) like the California buckeye, whose seeds ONLY sprout after there's been a massive wildfire.

Truth: Our spring is not going to come unless we make it.

ETA: Time is a neutral medium. Don't let this false reassurance lull you into inaction.

Yes, this. Be the change you want to see in the world. We can't wait for another woman to act first, because all the other women are doing the same thing!

Seeds don't grow unless they're planted and nurtured by water, sun, soil. We need all our efforts to bring these seeds to sprout, grow, and bear fruit. 🌻

Love this! We keep planting our seeds, peaking new sprouts wherever we go.

So lovely. Do you know where that wall is?

The mural is in Detroit, painted by New Orleans street artist Brandon Bmike Odums. It is based on a poem by Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos.

what didn’t you do to bury me

but you forgot that I was a seed