Germany made their violent, woman-hating pimps into “legitimate businessmen,” so…

How disgusting. Selling women’s bodies will NEVER be a job - only a form of predatory exploitation.

‘A policeman who has worked over 25 years in anti-trafficking work in Germany says that “at a low rate, we have a minimum of 100,000 people who are victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation. 500 times more than recognized by the police, because in 2019 we had only 287 legal proceedings, for the purpose of sexual exploitation.”– Dr Ingeborg Kraus

Read more: https://nordicmodelnow.org/2022/06/04/trauma-and-prostitution-the-transcript/

Germans can go on at length about all the failings of the US two-party system, our lack of health insurance, corrupt donor money and political lobbying, etc etc.

But if you even suggest to them that a pimp lobby has persuaded German voters to accept human trafficking, that women, including very young women, are in sexual slavery right now just a few blocks away, they DO. NOT. CARE.

I've spoken to German men who don't even believe that the majority of prostituted people are women, and the majority of punters are men, even though I have walked with them right by red light districts with screened entry gates that say "No women beyond this point".

German men, particularly west German men, have the easiest lives of all the white western men I've ever met. They believe everything is equal and everyone has a choice, suffering is an abstract concept and nothing is particularly a big deal.

German men are vile. I remember a German man trying to get me to go swinging with him and his miserable looking wife when I was 18 (and looked 15) as a bartender. Then I got a job at a call center and the German men were all super pro-prostitution, tried to recruit us girls for orgies (🤮), and were overall very depraved, always talking about sex. They thought we all admired them, and constantly looked for immigrant women to impress with their superior culture.

They also treated people from other countries very condescendingly, as if we were underdeveloped low IQ idiots. Absolutely insufferable. Also a lot of them smelled like BO.

The women were more pleasant.

I’ve met several of them off of dating apps and they seriously lack basic curtesy and respect for women. They have no awareness of how self-centered they are.