BTW... If you ever interact with anyone who keeps insisting that they just can't see Female erasure and/or incredibly venomous aggressive misogyny happening in the TRA movement—even after you've tried to call out a whole bunch of direct literal examples of it (e.g., maybe they've still got on blinkers that make them actually perceive "«'inclusive'»" language as... well, inclusive)—you may want to shift gears and try asking them exactly why they think it might be that JKR, and only JKR, continues to take the completely CRAZY INSANE amount of abuse that she does over this shit. (Where are we at now, 2.5 straight YEARS of simultaneous rape AND death threats? Um yeah.)

Why isn't anyone coming for Gervais—at all? (Oooooooo, somebody flipped a bench upside down outside his show venue! Big Boy Shit right there, layin' it down!) Why did a sum total of exactly 1 dipshit bum-rush Chappelle, and that was that? Maybe they'll be able to find some sort of pattern...

I mean jesus, they don't even have one ill word to say for politicians like Ken Paxton and Greg "Half Man, Half Shopping Cart" Abbott of Texas, even though those guys really ARE trying to erase [at least the trans-ID part of] their existence! IF ONLY THERE WERE A CLEAR RHYME OR REASON TO IT, GIRLFRIENDS.

A very, very good point! See also:

The response to Wes Streeting (Labour MP in the UK) and his comment about women being adult female humans vs. Rosie Duffield (Also a Labour MP in the UK) and her treatment at the hands of the TRAs and party leader Keir Starmer for the same views.

Oooh, ooh, Richard Dawkins and his fanboys' noticeable lack of rape threats at his GC comments vs, hmm... let's go with a female academic, say, Kathleen Stock, and being hounded out of her position?

Hmmm, if only there were some discernible pattern here! They certainly seem to know who the, ahem, adult female humans are, when it comes down to it, don't they?

This opinion may get a bunch of minus votes—TBH i don't have clue #1 where this group will fall on it—but, I personally find Richard Dawkins to be every bit as regrettable, as an enemy-of-my-enemy-therefore-pretend-friend, as, say, Matt Walsh.

For entirely different reasons, of course—Matt Walsh is someone whose core values BESIDES GC are, broadly speaking, repugnant to me, whereas Richard Dawkins is just an arrogant peckerhead who has very clearly never spoken to a normal, non-ivory-tower human in his entire earthly life, and whose allyship will inevitably alienate you from X number of other allies and/or friends per month or year or whatever.

Kathleen Stock #teamshorthair 🥰 <eom>