Imagine being so boring that being white is your whole personality. And then you have the audacity to get hateful. And you can’t even learn how to spell.

He's just really fucking proud of those Levis, okay?!


I know my jeans are superior ’cos they’re comfortable and only cost about $20 from KMart!

"You can teach someone to hate, or you can teach someone to spell, but you can't do both."

did anyone else take a while before realizing that he didn't actually mean jeans🤭🤦‍♀️

i spent a minute thinking "weird flex, but ok"

Lol me too. I thought the dude was lampooning until I saw his outfit.

Yes! That is the joke! He clearly meant to say (I believe) that he had superior genes but having such a great intellect, he wrote jeans!


An own-goal of that white supremacist.

(I really thought that this was about the best possible jeans and as I have narrow hips and never find well-fitting ones I was excited....)

Since you guys read this, can anyone tell me what Idid wrong? Uploading photos is hard for me. I thought I edited it and I do use Metapho to strip meta data but the photo still has my screen shot border.

Old brain, trying to learn new things.



To edit what is in the visible image, you can use the 'crop' feature. It'll be available in the 'edit' tools on your phone, and may also be available when you upload a pic to Ovarit (I've never done that, so not sure).

There's no identifying info in the border, so I think you're fine.

Great pic, laughed out loud. :D

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I got really confused there. Then i understood. But this image got me like for 2 minutes thinking seriously that white people in america invested more in their pants than other demographic.

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