Sex pozzies always take these cases and insist that the solution is just regulation and de-stigmatization. Just like gun activists say we should arm teachers after every school shooting.

Only men who really hate women want to rent their bodies. At best, men who don't care about women either way. It's not like any other grunt job. The worst grunt jobs can be vastly improved with unionization. But all the regulation and unionization in the world can't help you when you have a man muttering what a disgusting c*nt you are because that's what he paid to do.

A friend of mine was a stripper for a while. Not even prostitution. Just the oh-so-cool stripping. The regulars came solely to vent their hatred of women onto the dancers. Nothing cool or glamorous about it. Men used to keep their hands to themselves but lean over and whisper the most horrible things to her.

The bouncers did nothing. Of course not. The club was there to make money. Men were only coming to treat women like shit. Not politely sit and clap. They were thespians supporting the performing arts.

My friend left traumatized. The only good thing about it was she was considering prostitution, but wanted to dip her toes into stripping first. She wanted to see if she made enough money, and if she could tolerate it. She learned that if stripping was this bad, then prostitution was worse.

She should have had enough mainstream feminism to know that uwu gurl power was bullshit. Instead, she got the "it's empowering" line. She suffered terribly.

Sex positive assholes: "Clearly, she just didn't bootstrap hard enough to be successful in empowering sex work!!"

“[Prostitution] reinforced everything I’d grown up with knowing – I don’t exist, I don’t matter, no one is safe, my body is just a piece of trash… I pray for a world where no one has to offer their body as an object and we all treat each other with dignity and respect.” – Sarah (sex trade survivor)

Read more: https://nordicmodelnow.org/2019/11/08/prostitution-wheres-the-harm/