I will never forget how, several years ago, when I was having severe financial difficulties and not able to work, nearly all of my closest male friends advised me to become a camgirl. They said they thought I would be ‘good at it’. This shocked me, since they were basically admitting they wanted to watch me wank. I couldn’t believe that this was now a socially acceptable thing to say, and I found it incredibly cruel given my vulnerability at the time.

Since then, camming has only become more normalised via OnlyFans. That means that more and more young women who are in bad situations, struggling with trauma, poverty, chronic illness/disability, domestic violence, addiction, etc., are going to reach out for help and be told to commodify their bodies. It makes me absolutely sick.

Yep. I got the exact same response from old male friends when I was on the verge of being homeless. "You are basically built for it, you're stupid for not even trying it"

And when I mentioned the possibility of being stalked, not getting a future job, raped, insulted, constant feelings of shame, degraded sexually.... They would say some variation of "then your money is not not a dire situation if you're worried about that shit".

Them being so persistent about how easy and brainless it is and that if I don't do it I'm stupid, while I was terrified of being on the street, made my stomach turn even when this was during my "sex work is real work, destigmatize sex work" libfem phase.

So gross, they’re obviously thinking about how jacking off on camera wouldn’t bother THEM and operating under the male obliviousness to how horribly that would affect you and potentially ruin any future career or reputation because they’re used to getting away with whatever sexual deviance they desire and they’re so porn sick they really think it’s harmless and convince themselves most of the women are just confident and business savvy people who happily chose the opportunity.