I know from first hand experience that it is NOT minimal effort, and I read recently that the average monthly income from this is not much. I don't remember the exact figure, but it was not much. The lots of money for little effort is a lie, and even if it weren't, that"s supposed to be worth ruining your mental and emotional health?

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Hasn’t OnlyFans been revealed to have a kind of Pyramid Scheme makeup? Some people on OF make a lot of their money by referring creators to the site, thus pocketing 5% of that creator's earnings for the first year. I think there’s a word for that… oh yeah, a PIMP!!

Isn’t OnlyFans been revealed to have a kind of Pyramid Scheme makeup?

Thats exactly what it is. The popular creators make most of their money off referrals while those at the bottom struggle for crumbs

The only ones who make money on that platform were already somewhat famous/successful before they got an OnlyFans page. Random girls who sign up on their 18th birthday never make a living wage unless they're willing to do some insanely depraved shit.

Yup this. That feeds partly into the pyramid scheme the other girls have detailed above, OF isn’t the only site that does this.

The other thing is you need to already have a following and it’s VERY difficult to get one that pays. Men will follow you for freebies (that you’ll usually post on Twitter) and harass you into sexting with them and providing them with free nudes - honestly the amount of free porn online and they still harass you for more free porn.