And onlyfans isn’t even illegal either!

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If you're under 18, you bet yr buns it's illegal.

It may not be a crime (this is a state-by-state thing, and would also depend on the specs of what the underage account holder did or didn't do... and insofar as crimes may be involved, the perpetrator won't be the Girl) but at the very least it's definitely a breach of contract—namely a breach of the onlyfans T&C and user agreement, which say, probably repeatedly right next to the signature checkboxes, that YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER NO EXCEPTIONS.

Well yes lol however the situation in the tweet is about a 17 year old waiting until she turns 18

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I thought the first half of "tax-free cash with minimal effort" (from sketchy p3d0scrote dude) was a reference to her not being 18 yet baha. (Edited to add: Just for clarity, I thought boyo harbored the TOTALLY WRONG belief that tax liability is only a thing that adults have.)

Is also why I made the connection to "illicit activity" a couple posts back.