Ugh. That's one combination of colours guaranteed to increase menstrual nausea.

It also pisses me off that the days of menstruation have to be that wishy washy pink. Just make it RED for goddess' sake. We bleed BLOOD and it is RED not pastel pink.

I remember the days when I tracked my period with a red dot on a paper calendar....

Saeeeeme! In my case a red circle on the year calendar in the back of my (paper!) diary.

I remember when I was a student one of my male friends saw and asked me what I was doing. When I showed him how I recorded the start of each period and counted up the days to measure each cycle and predict the next one, and he thought it was really cool and wished he could have periods (??!!) I laugh, but actually it is really cool that our bodies do this amazing thing every month.

Yep. Further up on the calendar when I've logged past and my current cycle it goes like a deeper intense pink but still pink cos ya know, women are girly and fem aren't we and we just loooooove all things pink 🙄

I bet all the TiMs marking their imaginary periods in it love it though.

[–] slytherin 18 points Edited

The app must get confused though when the TIMs log menstrual craps every week.

(I meant to write menstrual cramps, but that typo is more accurate)

[–] crodish fujoshit 19 points Edited

Too bad it won't let you customize the colors! A purple and green scheme would be nice :P

Women in the US SHOULD NOT be using period tracking apps. Assume that your data can and will be turned over to the government if they want it.

Yeah, I used to love rainbows and now I'm put off by them. Nowadays rainbow = Pride no matter what the context. I have fond memories of my church preschool/Sunday school/VBS/However my parents were getting rid of me for a few hours. That church smell, budget furniture from the 50's/60's that would be worth a fortune today, and rainbow imagery. It made me happy. I used to love it.

I love rainbow yarn and rainbows on kids clothes. Especially for my baby after my miscarriage, my "rainbow baby."

But now I'm appropriating rainbows from fucking TQs, apparently. It's "their" symbol.

The trans colors squick me out too, especially since the designer turned out to be a pedo.


Fuck that. They appropriated it from you. Don't let them have it.

I have always loved the rainbow, too, and have similar feelings, but won't give it up lol.

I know. But some people will say "Oh, is that for Pride? Aw!"

Nope. Say it again and I'm dressing this baby all in black.

I have had a miscarriage and a baby die too sister ☹️❤️ I hate that they took the rainbow from us (and our lesbian sisters too). They just take and take and take don't they

I've seen some snark online making fun of the term. Not by anyone LGBTQ, mind you. Just general. Women's healing and second chances apparently don't deserve symbology.

To stay positive, I like thinking about how those people will die and not pass their shitty evil genes onto anyone else.

I wanted to chuck my period app out the window when it told me my next period was due in a few days AND I WAS STILL BLEEDING FROM THE LAST PERIOD.

This peri woman is so over bleeding already. Like for REAL for real.

Hugs, fellow peri-traveler. I went back on full hormone BC, I couldn't take the randomness, you are way more patient than I.

More to the point I thought this was a quick process, years into it, every couple months - what the heck was that?!? Oh, "peri symptom," enough already, I'm done!

I am with you -- peri has been a wild ride, and I am ready to call it a day already.

Ugh I hate peri too. Found out by accident - consultant was running through some details with an underling while I was being prepped for surgery. I don't remember what the underling asked, but I heard the consultant say "No, peri menopause." If I hadn't been internally bricking it about imminent surgery I'd have asked more.

Now I'm in the annoying situation of having manageable periods but constant anaemia or taking iron pills to not be anaemic and having periods like I'm trying to re-enact Carrie.

It also used to be called "female health" before they changed it to "menstrual health"...

I love pastels colours and I still feel miffed the transcult took my favourite colours. With sneakers, 9 out of 10 sneakers with light blue and light pink are for some transcult thing, making me look like I support it.

I used to use the light blue / light pink combo on websites, because they were pretty and had easy to remember hex codes. 25 years later, they'd think I was an activist of some sort just for picking those colours.

I have a friend whose daughter (age 9) wears a hoodie in Nonbinary pride colours. She's 9. She's not nonbinary. I don't even know if the mother is aware that the hoodie could have other meanings.

That's sad, it isn't it? Having to think whether some colour combination could be some gender flag with the chance people bothering your kid instead of a kid just liking the colours.

That never crossed my mind with rainbows, or the colours of the more specific flags for sexualities. But the Trans and other gender identities... yeah, no.

I love my fitbit but am soooo annoyed by the lack of tracking made for women. Having a menstrual tracker is great but there is no pregnancy algorithm! I didn't use my fitbit all 9 months because it wasn't tracking correctly, sad.

YES! THIS! Being pregnant ruined all the tracking, and there was no solution. :(

I don't use Fitbit but I use a different period tracking app, forgot to log data for a few months and don't remember the dates, and it thinks I had a 90-day cycle. 😑 There's no way to change it unless I go back and log inaccurate data.

I cannot enjoy these colors anymore. I cringe when I see people using them as one of the fb backgrounds and I’m like “oh sweet summer child you have no idea…”

One of my daughters got a new stuffed animal the other day and it’s those colors and I cringe, as she’s my child I have to keep a very close eye on or the cult will absolutely suck her in as some pandering ally, abuse her, and spit her out.

just download one to your phone plenty of free ones around, mines green and red

I used to use a couple that were great till the influx of TiMs on the forum sides of the apps asking about their "period symptoms" and the "inclusive" language came in. Gave up looking for one for actual women and just stuck with the basic fitbit calendar instead lol. Which one do you use?


I think this would work (you need rudimentary computer knowledge but it's pretty easygoing)

Period Calendar by Amila free on Google. however I have never bothered updating it.

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