'he was actually friends with not just one but multiple rapists, so you see, it's ok'

Depp Supporters: "guysss, he's friends with multiple r/pists, and p/dos, so this is normal for him, don't judge!!!"

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gasps THOU clutches pearls SHALT recites Communist Manifesto NOT dyes hair KINK pours money into rainbow puffy stickers SHAME sucks ladydick

Yeah, and he defended Roman Polanski and said the allgeations against Harvey Weinstein were implausible because his wife wasn't "some hairy-backed b*tch". Not to mention that his best friend is fellow abuser Marilyn Manson :)

I saw some saying that Depp was friends/acquaintances with Jeffrey Epstein, and may have visited his island. Don't know how true that is, if anyone has receipts please post a link.

Damn, I didn't know any of that.

You can judge a man by who his friends are ... I don't think I would ever have believed him innocent (half-heartedly and without much emotional investment, but still) if I had known who he is friends with.

This is why I’m disappointed with all these famous men including Jeff Beck who have been partying or agreed to collaborate with Depp post trial. It shows their character and makes you wonder if we’ll be hearing allegations relating to them at some point. Birds of a feather and all that.

Person 1: "Did you know Depp was friends with this shitty person?"
Person 2: "Yeah but he's friends with this other shitty person too so.. wait.. what was my point again? Uhh.. just.. he's probably cool idk?"

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Yeah, that "logic" puzzles me.

This person seems to be under the impression that the first one implied Depp befriended Allen Ginsberg because he was a pedophile.

While in reality, the accusation was that Depp doesn't seem to have any problem being friends with horrible men. Which ... yeah, his being friends with yet another rapist really doesn't contradict.

According to this Rolling Stones article Johnny Depp and Hunter S Thompson once joked around about beating Kate Moss.


The writer and the actor hit it off. “I remember laughing constantly,” says Depp. “He zeroes in on faults and good points immediately. I was with Kate, and I think he went straight for the romance jugular, shit like whether I beat her enough. I probably told him, ‘Yeah, she gets a severe beating.'”

Very normal, nothing to see here.

Hmm, I'd say it indicates casual disregard for the humanity anyone but fellow wealthy, high-status men.

All I see with crap like this is:

"SSHHHH! We aren't gonna talk about that okay?? This is about how poopy and smelly Amber is! So wHo cArEs if he was friends with some dodgy disgusting men?! Who CARES...if he said he would r*pe his ex-wifes corpse?! Because at the end of the day we need to believe in these poor men... Because I like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and can't fathom that my favorite actor may in fact be a horrible person..."

No manner of pointing this stuff out will convince them that he needs to be kept far away from young women...because he obviously has a hatred of women...IDK when it started or if it was there all along but this dude is unwell.

Maybe I am a dipshit but what is the satisfactory rating under the username from?

I'd guess the user who took the screenshot has an extension designed to flag accounts that may be bots, like BotSight

Thanks! For a second I had thought it was a new version of Twitter or something.