This is kind of one of my go-to comebacks when people insist there's no difference between "cis" (blech) women and transwomen, that sex isn't real/important and that how you identify is the only thing that matters. 'Can I identify as a transwoman then? What makes me not one?'

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((not sure if you're alrdy familiar, but, this type of thing—e.g., "I'm afab identifying as an amab transgurl"—is one of the pillars on which the "BioTrans" satirical social media profiles are built))

Hahaha yes!

Of course, one of the biggest issues is just holding them to being consistent, since when anything makes their cognitive dissonance flair up, they just call you a bigot to derail the whole thing.

This is it. I have had to put up with my work categorizing me as “cisgender female” so ONE person (TiM) can be categorized as “transgender female” —don’t even get me started.

Suggest that you don't have a gender identity and feel offended when you're referred to as "cis" when you're really "agender" :P

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I mean, I don't much identify with Gilded Age stereotypes of femininity or Female roles, so... no, I actually don't identify with the Female GENDER, meaning that I am NOT "cis" according to any definition yet propounded.

I'm therefore actually a lot closer to fitting the stated canonical definition of "non-binary" than is anybody who actually "identifies as non-binary"... and I suspect the same is true for the vast vast majority of members on this site.

We need to stop asking, ‘What is a woman?’ and start asking, ‘What is the difference between cis and trans women?’ The TRAs’ brains will implode.

Won't they just say that cis womens "gender identity" aligns with their sex or something?

Most likely they will say trans women’s gender identity does not align with their assigned gender at birth, since they would never acknowledge the relevance of sex in that context. At that point, you can say: - Was their gender assigned at birth, or their sex? - What was that assignment based on? Was it arbitrary?

The reason why this question is so much fun is because TRAs, in spite of claiming that sex and gender are different, will move mountains to avoid acknowledging the fact that trans women are male.

Cis was invented because the narcs were butthurt that in an inclusive phrase like "women and transwomen" they were the marked rather than default form. So they flipped the language to center themselves as unmarked normal default and make real women marked: "women and cis women" or imply some kind of equal status if both had prefixes: "transwomen and cis women". Their language and thought control is really insidious.

Yes, and now they're trying to make "trans" the default form. In language, women are being asked to redefine themselves by the traits that set them apart from so-called transwomen and transmen, who are being configured as the default.

Trans women and people with vulvas.

I saw the typo "people with uvulas" the other day and I'm like, guuurl I'm pretty sure that doesn't rlly narrow it down much 🤪

Biological sex is enshrined in their own terminology. The whole ideology is so riddled with contradictions.

it's enshrined in our minds too, even a baby knows the difference.

Pets know the difference. Wild animals know the difference. It's a farce claiming the entire concept is all just a Western imperialist concept imposed on others.

I said this to a trans person and he said animals can't tell because they sometimes have same-sex relationships. I was like, how can you tell they are the same sex if sex doesn't exist!? No response thus far.

Off to Twitter and Reddit I go to start calling everyone who says "cis" a transphobe and TERF...


I've said this for years and used it (among other arguments) to peak three friends! Super, super effective.

has anybody (here or in the pre-diaspora /r/GC) ever reported peaking 2 friends at once with "Twin Peaks" in the title of their post?

asking for a friend

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"Some cis women don't have uterus/grow beards/are strong/are inertile"... Ok so what makes them "cis" exactly? Where do we draw the line? Their birth sex (such a mysterious concept!) doesn't completely line up with the gender (social construct aka. society's expectation)

Ok, so then what is a woman? Because I'm pretty sure their definition has to do with makeup and pink.

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Also the use of cis women separates gender non conforming women and feminists from the rest of the women. Because no feminist is happy or identifies by the way society has defined the gender women. Its just a plot to separate natural sex allies (all females), take the ones more comfortable with their own oppresion and force fit them with fetishistic males.

Outside of women from very traditional, repressive cultures, what women are really "cis"? I am straight, I am a mother, I usually have long hair. I also wear pants most of the time, rarely wear make-up, don't shave my legs, and work in a traditionally male profession that at one point in time women were legally prohibited from joining. I have always valued my intelligence, found women who play dumb to please men insipid, and in school was one of the first to answer questions and argue or debate issues. A friend once bet me money I couldn't go a whole class without speaking up. I won. How far from gender stereotypes do you have to veer before you are no longer "cis"? Or is gender nonconformity irrelevant so long as you believe you are your biological sex?

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