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Not surprising. The public, even in the countries most captured by wokeists, has alws overwhelmingly—by consistent margins of >85% to <10%, with a couple percentage points' worth of "No Response" responses (👀) rounding out the hundred.

I guess they're riding this futile part of the agenda harder and harder because "twaw" really IS supposed to be absolute and comprehensive, i.e., the insane lie-deology of erasing sex differences by making a confused cartoon bear face and being like sex differences? what's a sex differences? has to apply to ALL sex differences.
why are they attempting it on such a short timeline? when they KNOW—and have even written into TRA activist manuals—that "there is no foreseeable way to achieve majority agreement" even if they were to somehow win over every single one of the "persuadables" by like pure magic or some shit?

This is unwinnable for them, and they KNOW that. Why are they continuing to march their Light Brigade into the valley of death, with cannon to the left of them and cannon to the right? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Not that I'm complaining or anything here, but... up until very recently they've been disturbingly smart, in an evil and abjectly anti-democratic way, about their work flow and the order of steps to take—just look how INSANELY far this neo-Lysenkoism has gotten.

How is it possible that their first major and potentially catastrophic stumbling block is the single area where they KNOW they'll be handed a string of embarrassingly lopsided defeats?

It's WAY too stupid to be coming from the same cabal that's been completely evading all aspects of the democratic process for the better part of a decade now.

Makes me worry, is this all a complacency-building, happy ass distraction for the GC/earth human common sense side, from something soon to come that's going to be ((dare I even imagine how)) far worse than anything that's happened to date?