Was it because there was a lack of other women at the black belt level or was it because the instructors thought men and women could safely fight together?

Edit: I dropped out of a similar martial art in my youth because there were only two other girls in the class, and to be "fair" the instructor never put us together because he thought we would feel singled out. Instead I regularly got beaten up by boys and lost all interest in the sport.

The athletic differences between girls and boys are present throughout our entire lives. Little kids are NOT genderless miniature humans, they are female or male.

Not to mention the socialization aspect. Girls are taught to be respectful, take turns, and NOT try to deliberately hurt your sparring partner. Little boys are taught to cheat and destroy at the earliest opportunity.

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My opponent was trans and like 6'2.

I understand fairness and needing to be better than an opponent at all costs is a responsibility that I have, and that personally, I strive everyone to ascertain, but it felt nearly impossible to reach them with their reach, and casual blows landed like hammerfall on my head.

Sparring with males? Totally fine. Up for the challenge since it's in the name of doing better and we're all on the same team. Losing a championship to one though and having everyone hail them as a hero though? Fuck that lmao.