Oh, THIS is something men just cannot wrap their heads around! Every single thing must take its place in their single-file hierarchy. Even with things that are quantifiably equal, the male version is better. Therefore, lifting 50 lbs of cement 10 times a day is worth WAY more than lifting a 25 lb toddler ( and stopping him from eating a paperclip, or crying, or changing her clothes, ad infinitum) 20 times a day. So there is no way they can conceive of the idea that typing, filing, answering phones and troubleshooting for customers all day can be as tiring as driving around in a truck and changing lightbulbs and unclogging toilets at the park or whatever.

It always boils down to "My contribution is greater because penis."

Which is fucking crazy because most of those cement blocks don't need to be moved, but a toddler DOES need to be watched and fed.

It's like when males think they're contributing 50/50 by mowing the lawn every 2 weeks. Childcare is daily.

They're so far out of the loop, they don't even know how much work they're not doing. Most of the fathers I know can't handle taking their own children for a whole day, and of those who can, they don't also clean the whole house. The one stay at home dad I know spends all day playing video games and looking at guns online, while Netflix babysits his child. Forget about teaching him to read or feeding him actual food. His wife has to beg him to do the other things on his list. He can't even make his own list. She does most of the grocery shopping, all of the clothes shopping, most of the cleaning, all while working 24 hour shifts every other day. She also has to badger him about taking care of his own health. Sorry for the rant. I know we all know about this kind of thing.

[–] eire 14 points

Add on to this the unwanted attention or automatic diminishing of your contributions because you're a woman and this "light" office work is way more exhausting.

Being a woman is exhausting on its own navigating in life but then havigating the dynamics of a work place makes it completely draining. It isn't something you can take a tablet and sleep off, either.

I'm convinced men fundamentally do not understand the mental grind of life because there is always some woman doing it for him whether mother, wife, girlfriend, or PA.

I think they do, even if they won't admit it. Just look at how many men abandon their wives when the latter get seriously ill or remarry/hookup within the year if their wives die. A man without a functioning maid/cleaner/childcare worker/cook/personal assistant/sexual companion is at a serious disadvantage and they know it.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 11 points Edited

I don't want my life to be equal to the standard of a male's life. That's what we have right now, and it sucks.

Males do not have an inevitable monthly menstrual cycle that causes pain, fatigue, and stress. It should be completely normal to take work off a day or two for that, but because males have dominated working outside the house they dictate that it's "abnormal". It's not abnormal, it's completely normal for 51% of the population.

If a male felt as shitty as some women do during their periods, nobody would bat an eye at him taking the day off. But God fucking forbid you say it's because you're on your period, you've now just admitted your womanly weakness out loud. 🙄

Babies and children should be more normalized in many workplaces. A quietly sleeping baby is not a distraction to anyone's job. It's considered abnormal simply because men have dominated working outside the home.

The workday hours should be shifted to accommodate female cortisol cycles. Women shouldn't have to consume deadly amounts of caffeine in order to match a male cortisol cycle that they literally cannot match because our bodies are different. Again, working hours that most women find favorable are considered abnormal only because men have dominated working outside the home.

There are a lot of male aspects of life that we've normalized, and we deem women failures when we cannot meet those male bodied demands. It's absolutely fucking ridiculous.

I have a STEM final tomorrow, am 🤏 this close to a breakdown, and of course started my period today. I deserve a goddam medal lol

The workday hours should be shifted to accommodate female cortisol cycles.

Could you explain this a little bit?

The idea that in order to achieve equality women have to be considered equal to men is already problematic, tbh, since it kinda implies you are only worthy of respect if you are like men.

[–] Owlchaser 2 points Edited

different levels of access to benefits and opportunities in society

Eh. I guess so. I think it actually means men and women have equal value as humans, and should be treated as such.

I shop at this store in a kinda shady area that always has one or two security people on site. One time, they only had one tiny woman-- she looked about 5 foot nothing and maybe 110lbs at most. I've seen angry men, either crazy or high as hell, smashing windows, screaming. I don't really like the fact that we're trying to give 'equal opportunities' in situations like this. I'm sure there are situations where women are better at diffusing tension-- but why was she given that job? There are women who're physically much stronger and larger. When I see things like that, it's like, were there no other applicants?? Really? I mean that equal opportunities is kinda rigged sometimes, such that the best person for the job doesn't actually get the job.

...and, actually, the explicit declaration or finding that two groups/sets are "equal" is mutually exclusive with their being identical—for the simple reason that, in a discussion that's already about two names for the same group, nobody would ever think to add the (not only superfluous, but weaker) characterization of "equal" on top of "indistinguishable".

Equal and identical are not equal or identical. Identical and identical are identical but not necessarily equal. Equal and equal are also identical and not necessarily equal. Stevia and Equal are neither equal nor identical.