It's funny because the LGB really should - most LGB want to - get the T (and the het Qs) out of where they never belonged in the first place.

But the cartoon makes it look like the T is a helpless woman that is easily jettisoned. But the T is like a hulking abusive predatory man who refuses to get out of the home where he is abusing all the women (and even occasional men).

A more realistic scenario is LGB Flee the T, with the entire unified LGB throwing up an impenetrable barricade as they get away from that big hulking abusive man with his euphoria boner, furious that his prey is escaping.

I like your analysis of the image. Pushing TQ+ off a cliff is cathartic for me though.

Do iiiiiiit

(Whenever I see “drop the T” I mentally add “off a cliff.”)

[–] otterstrom 1 points Edited

Not feeling it tbh

I want to drop the T

violent imagery isn’t helpful

[–] iCONIC 5 points Edited

It's a metaphor for "dropping" the T

The T falling from a cliff means that we won't see or hear from the T ever again

[–] no- [OP] 4 points Edited

I don’t remember what happened in Heidi, but she didn’t push that girl off a cliff. It’s not meant to be violent, it just looks funny.

I was aware of the meme but looked it up last night to see if it actually happened in Girl of the Alps! I’m glad that it didn’t but the meme always makes me laugh especially when used abstractly like this.

[–] iCONIC 3 points Edited

It's hilarious. Thank you for posting it. Made my day!