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Don't you just want to go apeshit?

I can’t even describe how I feel right now because it’ll have me banned from this site

I’m done being nice about it

We need a "vent" space where women can just say all manner of "no-no" things.

Cause I'm with you in wanting to just wreck things.

God yes. I get that civility is good and that we shouldn’t aspire to be like men, but at the same time, women’s anger is necessary for there to be change. It should be encouraged.

I have that exact anonymous space with several peeps from Ovarit on wickr. I’m trying to tell everyone about it. DM me! 👍🏼

Anyone else feels that the focus on pronouns, "pregnant people" and other language-related bullshit is the exact kind of time waste that derailed the Democrats from codifying Roe V. Wade? They had 50 years to do it, and instead they wasted a lot of political effort on nonsense.

People all over my Twitter talking about this, by allowing this stupid conversation to take place and allowing men to “identify” as woman and not be able to explain what a woman is they’ve given room for the start of the eradication of womens rights

Yeah, sigh. When TRAs talk about them not being allowed to exist or about them being erased they are projecting. It's biological women who are erased in real life and who are not allowed to exist in the sense the TRA's mean, i.e., not allowed to name themselves.

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?!, @ renevoid

"pregnant people" "uterus owners" "womb carriers" i will literally turn barbaric

A girl I know is a journalist and she had the audacity to post an article she wrote about "pregnant people" today. She is all in on trans crap. I always used to think she was somewhat intelligent, but reading her work I have no idea how she got to be a journalist.