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One of my favorite twitter accounts! Check her out for more stuff like this.


Image Transcription: Twitter

WOMENSART, @ womensart1

Alison Gates, Bayeux Tapestry inspired embroidery with a mock-Latin aphorism meaning "Don't let the bastards grind you down", from Exquisite Uterus Project: The Art of Resistance, for reproductive rights #WomensArt

[PHOTO: Embroidery of the female reproductive system, in red, blue, and yellow thread, with an archer in silver on the left and a robed figure in yellow with a red hood, standing on a rock on the right. The text embroidered above reads: ILLEGITIMIS NON CARBORVNDVM]


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FYI it's meant to say CARBORVNDVM

("carborundum" with the classical Roman substitution of V for U)