TLDR: "My emotional punching bag left when I started lovebombing her before using her as a prop in my lesbian fantasy! 😭😭😭"

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"When I saw my future, I always saw her there to support me"

Yes, but sadly for you you're not the main character of the universe and she's a sentient being who also has wants, goals, and desires. Honestly, that sentence alone revealed a lot. MY future, not OUR future. I want her to support ME, rather than wanting to support each other. Very telling.

And the "I spent a lot of time in my escape mechanisms (gaming/reading)". Tell me you never supported her without telling me you never supported her.

And the "I spent a lot of time in my escape mechanisms (gaming/reading)". Tell me you never supported her without telling me you never supported her.

He probably played video games 10 hours a day and left her to do household chores. And then he was SHOCKED that she wasn't down to fuck after cleaning up after him all week

Glad to see that I wasn't the only one who had this particular line jump out at me. He just expected her to be there for him as his crutch, and he never gave any thought to how she might've felt about all of it-- unless it was related to her reactions to him and his "transition".

Such narcissism.

They really do all fucking think they're the protagonist of whatever shitty movie is going in their head and the rest of us are side characters, don't they? Really brings to mind my TIM cousin, who has outright admitted he sees life as a video game and other people as NPCs.

and now he doesn't even have the strength to become his "authentic self" because she won't be there to manage all his doctors appointments 🤣

It's less about the support and more that the reason he's doing the trans thing is leaving him. What is the point if he can't abuse her?

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"I'm too scared to go through this transition alone"

Yeah because he won't have anyone to clean up after him and teach him to do makeup. No one to steal clothes from and make uncomfortable and no one to play lesbian with.

Probably also scared that no woman will want to start dating him when he's larping as a lesbian, right? More tempting when you have someone trapped with you, isn't it?

Lmao good for her. I love how she told him she likes real women on her way out.

Bye, fetishist!

I love how he starts off by bragging about how he "always supported" the fact that she was bisexual. Oh how magnanimous of you, lol.

Hate to break it to you, but bi women are also not obligated to date you. None of my bi friends have ever dated a TIM, a couple TIFs yes, but TIMs seem universally creepy to women. Idk what it is, some kind of evolutionary survival instinct.

Never fails how trans ppl decide to blow up their entire lives and are surprised by the wreckage. Come on.

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Image Transcription: Reddit

Fiancé is leaving me to be with cis women., posted by u/Inevitable_Emotion95

I knew my partner was bi when we first got together, and I always accepted that about her. We were together for 6 years but in the last 3 years we became much less intimate and she began asking me for permission to sleep with other women. I was uncomfortable with this and I didn't like the idea of having a one sided open relationship.

A few months ago my dysphoria became unbearable and I decided to finally admit that I thought I was trans. She told me she accepted me and that she would be there for me ifI decided to transition. I started wearing some fem clothes around the house and she never laughed or teased me which is what l was most anxious about.

Two weeks ago she told me that she was only interested in women, and that she was unhappy and that she was going to leave me. This has absolutely broken me. I feel numb and I am dissociating more than I ever did before. It feels like a slap in the face, like she is telling me I'll never be a real woman, and that I'll never be what she is attracted to because of how I was born. Our relationship wasn't perfect, I spent a lot of time in my escape mechanisms (gaming, reading] but ever since I've opened up to her I've been trying to give her more attention, but she said it was all too late.

I don't know what to do anymore. I had an appointment to see a doctor about starting HRT next month but I think I'm too scared to go through this transition alone. When I thought about my future I always saw her next to me to support me and now all of that is gone... I know this is a ranting post, but none of my friends or family know I'm trans and I don't know where else to go to talk to anyone. Anything anyone has to say would be appreciated.

"When I saw my future, I always saw her there to support me"

Translation: "I thought she would spend her life being my Mommy With Benefits while I sat on my ass playing video games and occasionally pestered her to lure in a lesbian for a threesome"

Good on her for getting out! Trans or not, he sounds like a low value loser.

Bro: you will never be a “real woman”.

They know this.

Happy the GF escaped.😊

Hahahaha. Men feel such resentment at bisxual women, the fact that they're attracted to women cuts something deep. And who wants to put money he was the one to want to "open the relationship" but only she actually got partners. I'm assuming because he seems like a repulsive incel, probably has a cheeto crusted keyboard to go with it.

The "I started paying more attention to her" pretty much says it all.

Yep. He tried love bombing her to keep her in the relationship. But it was too late. Good for her!

At first I felt mildly sorry for him, putting up with a one-sided "open relationship". And then I got to the part about how he spent too much time gaming and suspected there's probably more to this story than he's mentioning. And then he mentioned the "paying more attention recently", like he's finally bothering now she's about to leave. And then finally, he always saw his future with her there to support him. As you have all already pointed out, this says it all. He sees her as just a crutch for him, he doesn't think of her future, her needs, or supporting her in the slightest.

The line about gaming was EXTREMELY revealing. Usually men are so arrogant that they will not even mention all the things they do wrong and try to paint the situation as 100% the fault of their wife even if the objective reality is more like it's 99% his fault. It's like how when you see one cockroach, you know an apartment is completely infested because there has to be an absolute fuckton of cockroaches for even one of them to be so crowded as to wander out of their den into broad daylight.

For a man to actually admit he may have been a tiny bit too focused on gaming on occasion, you just know that the reality is something like he was sitting on his ass playing Xbox 24/7 while the wife was the sole breadwinner, did 100% of housework, and was solely responsible for caring for any dependents (children, elders, pets).

Same here. People that ask for open/poly "relationships" are often abusive or just general awful people, but then again he's a TiM and has probably been abusive towards her for awhile so she was making an escape plan. Glad she got the confidence to leave him. Hopefully she'll find a woman to spend her life with and no longer wastes time on men. She broke his heart and damaged his AGP ego!

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