Dworkin said it. It's an oldie but a goody around these parts: Right-wing men want women to be private property, Left-wing men want women to be public property.

We need are cabals, our covens, our secret societies. If a woman needs an abortion, she should be able to turn to a women's only faction like that. Underground, baby. When it comes to OUR stuff, we need to be able to enter a second world not governed by men. We should have a public life and work, but we need to keep some things to ourselves. Think of it like being a secret agent in a hostile, enemy land.

You just said everything I've been thinking. We need to move into the Background, where we can operate freely. I just wish I knew how to connect to other women and start to build a network.

That is a difficulty. I guess establish the resources first then select the right individuals to do the inducting.

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you are already there

Of course! This forum is in the background. But it would be nice to be able to have these conversations with women in my own town, women I can be in a room with.

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The key is being able to take it offline, safely. We will always be under observation online. We need to be able to meet where we can speak freely, without being constantly watched by hostile eyes.

Edited to add: I've had some ideas for how to facilitate beginning to network more IRL, but it would require considerable runaround to try to keep everyone safe, retain anonymity, and screen out some bad actors.