This a thousand times. I’m aghast at the mask drop of the authoritarian left but it doesn’t mean that I’m going over to the conservatives. Why do people assume that? What it means is that women are on our own.

People living in countries with a 2 party system often seem to think that there are only 2 options in general and if you reject one it means you're on the side of the other. I've only ever lived in countries with multi party systems but it's something I see with both Americans and Brits.

doesn't matter how many parties you have if you only have 2 main systems they will stick to, I wouldn't vote Tory anyway, but labour is a no no, the libdems are useless, the greens have lost the plot, last time I voted was for count binface as mayor.

I meant 2 parties that actually matter, should have specified (:. If a party exists but never gets a seat in parliament etc, they could as well not be there. I've lived in Germany, France and the Netherlands all of which have several parties in their parliaments and they have to form coalitions so there isn't a clear "site" to be on, it feels that discussion is more on a spectrum. Of course it doesn't mean they care much for women's rights either...

A (male) conservative called me authoritarian left for wanting to ban porn and prostitution. 🙃

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If he were born 150 years ago, I bet he would have considered not being able to own slaves a violation of his rights.

That Bans Off Or Bodies advice on how to behave at a protest still makes me fume. All the things women are supposed to not do so that other tiny groups can avoid being triggered by their own mental health problem. Ordinary women are bossed about 24/7 now, ignored, used as cheerleaders, and then told how to behave politely at the protest, where politely means NEVER REFER TO YOUR SEXED BODY or anything that might remind people of that.