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Can relate. I no longer identify as a lefty. And it’s not even just about women’s rights.

The left had disappointed me in every aspect: failing to tax and limit the influence of exploitative billionaires. Failing to address climate change. Privatising public services and leaving them for cruel market forces to handle. Not caring about working people, not facilitating or strengthening unions. Offshoring labor to cheap slave-labor countries through trade agreements. No action whatsoever on income inequality.

The only thing modern left wing parties offer is “we’re nicer than the other guys”, as in, use a more ‘inclusive’ language or whatever. The tech company I work for mandated the replacement of the word ‘blacklist’ with ‘deny list’ in our code base, but still fired employees to at tried to establish a union.

Corbyn he was a proper lefty old fashioned up the unions type and he was mocked for it and got no where so its no surprise lefty parties shy away from actually being lefty, its not a vote winner anymore because greed and selfishness have usurped modesty and community mindedness as desired traits, schools, TV, internet, music all promote being a arsehole frankly and solidarity replaced by virtue signalling.