As a socialist feminist who is frequently disappointed in the modern left, I feel this in my bones. Waaaaay too many brocialists

As a socialist feminist who is frequently disappointed in the modern left, I feel this in my bones. Waaaaay too many brocialists

The Brocialists are the fucking worst. They'll cry about having PTSD from their week spent working at a Burger King. But then gush about how women locked in brothels for 10 hours a day are actually empowered

My political views these days are “women first”. No more, no less. I’ve given up on political parties and large, corporatized advocacy groups in favor of looking at how things affect women on an issue-by-issue basis, whether the specific women who are affected includes me or not. If it puts the rights or well-being of any group of women in jeopardy, I’m against it.

This is a lot easier to do if you focus on voting in local elections and only give to charitable organizations engaged in direct action. I’d so much rather give $100 to a Women’s shelter or contribute to abortion access funds than waste it on sellouts like planned parenthood.

I pointed out the accusations against Joe Biden and my boyfriend said 'I think you're buying into right wing stuff'. Like no, people aren't free from scrutiny just cos they're left wing politicians. He looked into it and realised that I was right, but I think he was worried that people would use this to support Trump (who is a bigger creep, incidentally)

It is so goddam sad how so many people (including women on THIS site) will go off on Biden's accusers being "lying wh0res paid off by Russia" if you dare point out his history of creepy behavior. Biden ousted Trump, so therefore he's above any criticism or accountability

The worse the right gets, the more the left uses that as an excuse to disappoint. Yeah, the other party being evil incarnate makes you the better of two choices, but it doesn't make you good.

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People are so blinded by tribes they become a part of. Becoming politically homeless has let me see issues so much more clearly, beholden to nothing.

It's clear that many people are for/against something simply because they take the opposite stance of the other party and have not thought about it.

Ah, thank you for reposting this. I had it saved and lost it in my last phone transfer - lol technology, amiright?

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Can relate. I no longer identify as a lefty. And it’s not even just about women’s rights.

The left had disappointed me in every aspect: failing to tax and limit the influence of exploitative billionaires. Failing to address climate change. Privatising public services and leaving them for cruel market forces to handle. Not caring about working people, not facilitating or strengthening unions. Offshoring labor to cheap slave-labor countries through trade agreements. No action whatsoever on income inequality.

The only thing modern left wing parties offer is “we’re nicer than the other guys”, as in, use a more ‘inclusive’ language or whatever. The tech company I work for mandated the replacement of the word ‘blacklist’ with ‘deny list’ in our code base, but still fired employees to at tried to establish a union.

Corbyn he was a proper lefty old fashioned up the unions type and he was mocked for it and got no where so its no surprise lefty parties shy away from actually being lefty, its not a vote winner anymore because greed and selfishness have usurped modesty and community mindedness as desired traits, schools, TV, internet, music all promote being a arsehole frankly and solidarity replaced by virtue signalling.

Brilliant. The waves of misogyny are deep and the hardest part of leaving the left for me (to go even deeper left for lack of a better term, since I sure didn’t go right) was how unaware they are of the rampant misogyny of their parties and campaigns, and how condescending they are while reinforcing it.

Dworkin said it. It's an oldie but a goody around these parts: Right-wing men want women to be private property, Left-wing men want women to be public property.

We need are cabals, our covens, our secret societies. If a woman needs an abortion, she should be able to turn to a women's only faction like that. Underground, baby. When it comes to OUR stuff, we need to be able to enter a second world not governed by men. We should have a public life and work, but we need to keep some things to ourselves. Think of it like being a secret agent in a hostile, enemy land.

You just said everything I've been thinking. We need to move into the Background, where we can operate freely. I just wish I knew how to connect to other women and start to build a network.

That is a difficulty. I guess establish the resources first then select the right individuals to do the inducting.

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you are already there

Of course! This forum is in the background. But it would be nice to be able to have these conversations with women in my own town, women I can be in a room with.

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The key is being able to take it offline, safely. We will always be under observation online. We need to be able to meet where we can speak freely, without being constantly watched by hostile eyes.

Edited to add: I've had some ideas for how to facilitate beginning to network more IRL, but it would require considerable runaround to try to keep everyone safe, retain anonymity, and screen out some bad actors.

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