IIRC this illustration is by Pamela Colman Smith, designer of the 'Rider-Waite' Tarot.

Oh yep I see it.

Idk what the Rider-Waite tarot is though? Do you mean the Pamela Coleman Smith tarot? πŸ˜‰

that took me a minute, haha. I was just about to explain that they're the same deck, then I saw your emoji and was like aha

Image Transcription: Political Poster

What a Woman may be, and yet not have the Vote






[There are images of each of these women, accompanied by a shield with a related motif: the mayor holding a mace and wearing her chain of office, pictured with a city gate; the nurse in uniform, with a cross; the mother, holding an infant and with her hand on a boy's shoulder, with a feather duster; the doctor or teacher, in graduation robes and cap, with an open book and pair of compasses; the factory worker, wrapped in a shawl and carrying a lunchbox, with a pair of hammers and some chain links.]

What a Man may have been, & yet not lose the Vote



Proprietor of white Slaves

Unfit for Service


[Images of each of these men, accompanied by a shield with a related motif: the convict in arrow-patterned clothes with a barbell; the lunatic cavorting with a large mushroom and pictured with a crescent moon; the Proprietor of white Slaves seated with an image of a weeping woman, her face in her hands; the Unfit for Service, walking with a pair of crutches; the Drunkard, walking with arms outflung and a lopsided posture, a tankard in one hand.]

Proprietor of white slaves? What is the history behind that one?

"white slaves" or slavery is an old term to refer to white women in prostitution, I think.


It was published in 1913, so unlikely to refer to literal slavery, which was abolished in Britain and the colonies in 1833.

The image in the shield next to the man is a crying woman, so I assume it's an euphemism for pimp like @bumpyjerboa said.

There was plenty of white slaves, the term slave comes from Slavic for a start because the slavic people were routinely used as slaves, the irish were slaves, the Moors were well known for kidnapping british, european and even america whites from coastal towns to be sold into slavery, millions where taken, it was the cause of the barbary wars. could indeed mean white slaves such as the irish.

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