I agree that it is a problem to put TIMs and other feminine men in male prisons because they do get sexually assaulted a lot. But what I don't get is how that is supposed to justify endangering women. Why are TIMs allowed to be afraid of male violence but when women are afraid, they are evil terfs? These TIMs should just get their own protected section in male prisons. That way they can be kept safe while also keeping women safe

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We're supposed to pretend that these (delusional, mentally ill) men are not a threat to women. That's the goal of the the whole "most oppressed people ever" gaslighting, and having male anatomy somehow doesn't matter. That and they just plain don't care about endangering women.

(delusional, mentally ill)

They’re not even that. They’re liars and evil. Something like half TIMs in prison (in the UK at least) are there for sexual assault or rape.

I think the problem is that men see prison rape as just, as a justifiable form of retribution. They don’t see prison rape as a problem. They joke about prison rape too, and it’s abhorrent. Rape is never deserved. Never.

Now, I know some people will say “What if the victim is a rapist or pedo, etc.? Don’t rapists deserve to be raped?” But that mindset is dangerous, because once you accept that rape is a just punishment in some situations, that some people “deserve” it, you accept the idea that rape isn’t inherently bad/immoral, that it can be “the right thing to do” sometimes, or even worse, that some people “should” be raped.

Now, I know some people will say “What if the victim is a rapist or pedo, etc.? Don’t rapists deserve to be raped?”

No one here is this callous. Thinking anyone deserved to be raped is male logic.

There's literally a post in this thread claiming transwomen probably like being prison-raped and find it validating. Yes people here are that callous.

Exactly. A mens GBTQ ward would be perfect

I’d just like to add its not needed in the Women’s ward because we are grownups and not rape-happy babies

They don't want their own spaces, they want women's spaces. The idea of separate spaces for TIMs has been proposed many times, but it's not "validating" enough for them. They want to invade female only spaces and nothing else will do.

I mentioned a gbtq ward and the tim immediately talked about how suicidal that would make him

None of us women who are actually losing real rights and protections are pulling that crap.

Buncha babies

Exactly. TIMs aren’t in any danger. Shit, half these rapists and murderers (Paul Denyer, for example) only declare themselves women once they’re in prison. It’s all about having a smorgasbord of victims available to them.

Love it. "Inclusion is intrusion". That's why I prioritize FAIRNESS, but "inclusion".

Image Transcription: Twitter Cartoon

She-Rex @ RexDraws

No escape #KeepPrisonsSingleSex

[The image shows two sides of the same room, divided down the centre. On the left-hand side, a trans-identified male with stubble and a hairstyle reminiscent of TIM sex offender Karen White sits on a cot in a prison cell. He is holding a purple bra and looking at a pair of purple underpants. A trans flag on the wall behind him shows the Mars symbol and the word 'INCLUSION'. The word 'is' is painted on the wall behind him. On the right, a woman sits curled up on her cot. The room is darker, and shadowy hands reach out towards her from the edges of the frame. A man's shadow leans over her, one finger extended. In the colour as the shadows, on the wall behind her, appears the word 'INTRUSION'.]

The argument I always hear is "well, if female prisoners are afraid, that is a problem they have with men, not with transwomen". I can't really get past that as simply as they put it. So ... these very mentally unstable people (who even brag about the mental issues and diagnoses have) could possibly do no wrong? Only the evil-cis-men are capable of rape and no one else? Somehow transwomen have no power over women? Do transwomen gain all vulnerabilities women have but completely abandon any male-like qualities?

Did they forget that in some cases these people are CONVICTED murderers or rapists? Is fearing them, especially if you're in for non-violent crime and significantly weaker strength-wise, not extraordinarily reasonable?