Having a trans fetish is the next step for many men with porn-brain-rot. They watched so much porn that "normal" hetero porn is no longer arousing to them. They need a new thrill, something more extreme and find trans porn.

And since it is said so often: I disagree that all of these men are just bi men in denial. I fully believe that straight men are also capable of developping a fetish for trans identified men. It's not attraction, it's fetishization.

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And since it is said so often: I disagree that all of these men are just bi men in denial. I fully believe that straight men are also capable of developping a fetish for trans identified men. It's not attraction, it's fetishization.

Definitely agree. Heterosexual men will fuck anything and anyone, and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. I like to point to men in prison who fuck each other, but then have no interest in men when they re-enter society. I'll also point to historical societies where men fucking boys was a norm, or a present day example in the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. The men who engage in that aren't gay or bi. They're solely focused on getting their rocks off and disassociate the hole they use from the human that hole belongs to. It's gross.

Other examples of functional bisexuality are past and present military social groupings. The British navy was described by the phrase rum, sodomy and the lash. Cabin boys were abused and referred to as pogeybait, the name of the type of candy used to entice them.

British all male boarding schools are notorious for older boys assaulting younger boys and same sex relationships that were normalized only in the school setting. Afghan warriors are rumored to have younger men/boys as lovers with the older man at the top of the hierarchy. More men than we like to admit will screw a soft pretty boy if a soft pretty woman isn’t available. Just sigh.

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This was bog standard in Edo Period Japan (and probably before that.) Older samurai would take younger samurai as lovers while also instructing them in bushido. Buddhist temples were also notorious for this, and there were the wakashu, young male prostitutes who dressed in feminine clothing and who apparently were quite popular with men. Of course the modern left treats it as "OMG SO PROGRESSIVE", as if pre-modern Japan was this super-tolerant society of free queer love while being completely blind to the fact that it absolutely wasn't. It was patriarchal and strongly hierarchal. Homosexual encounters mirrored heterosexual hierarchy of man=active master, woman=passive servant. The only ones to benefit from these relationships were wealthy (and most likely straight) men.

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I like to point to men in prison who fuck each other, but then have no interest in men when they re-enter society

That's called "situational homosexuality"

The men who engage in that aren't gay-

Or "straight"

The historical examples of men fucking boys, the bacha bazi in regions of Afghanistan, the past and present homosexual military structures, etc prove sexuality is complex

Men are not interested in women. They are interested in "femininity"

They fuck anything and everything regardless of age

"Child marriage" and adult-minor activities used to be the norm. Little girls would be "married off" to their rapists. The Christians of the time believed masturbation to be more "perverse" and "sinful" than adultery and rape. It's not as if men were only after boys. Girls were affected the most

The culturally produced fear of and prejudice against homosexuality has been a problem since the dawn of civilization. Boys are more "feminine" than men. Men would engage in activities with boys and not men because the activities wouldn't be seen as "that gay". They wouldn't threaten the illusory "heterosexual" identity

Men are not interested in women. They are interested in "femininity"

I doubt it... "femininity" is a relatively recent invention if you're talking about all the trappings and looks that don't occur naturally for females. It's more likely men are just on average super fucking horny and some of them are willing to stick their dick anywhere if they are horny enough. I think many men form fetishes and the attraction to "femininity" is like a fetish, a very common one that most people don't notice because it's just so normalized for men to be turned on by women in sexy dresses and lacy lingerie (more turned on than when they're naked).

I agree with your second point. Look at how heterosexual men can be disgusted by natural women (women who don't remove body hair, etc.). They have consumed so much artificial imagery of women that they've fetishized a fake version of women, and that fetishization "over-takes" their natural sexual attraction to women who exist in reality naturally. It's not the same natural male heterosexuality that would exist in prehistoric nature, for example. (I hope this makes sense).

Yeah I've previously held that believe (closeted bi men) but i'm starting to realize it may be a symptom of pornsickness.

Well then I guess HSTS Tims will finally have their dream come true... for like a minute. Some men whose supposed heterosexuality has been occluded by porn-induced fetishism might give them a try. But since HSTS are more likely to get the amhole and AGP (who want women, not men) are likely to forgo 'bottom surgery', their gonna find out really fast that wounds aren't sexy. Or idk maybe they'll be after specifically "chicks with dicks". I don't pretend to understand the demented male porn-rotted mind.

HSTS constantly complain that men have sex with them then never talk to them again or never want to get to know them. It makes me sad kind of.

Reminds me of when I was a teenager and everything was all about anal.
Overheard boys in my class, and saw more than a few online posts saying how they tried it IRL and it was gross, and smelly, and they didn't get the hype all of a sudden.
The fetish was only ever theoretical, through porn-use, but once they tried it themselves they realised it wasn't their thing at all.
It wouldn't surprise me one bit if lots of men "try" a transwoman because it's glamourized in porn, only to find that this was a theoretical fetish that they don't actually enjoy, and perhaps even find repulsive. Actually, I've seen a few posts to that effect too.

Another example is I used to be a "BDSM and non-con are hot actually" libfem, since that was all the rage then too (pre "choke me daddy" days) until I met someone who was also into it. We literally got to the point of him setting out the rules and getting into his "persona", and I was like "I feel like you're actually a rapist and you're just pretending this is a kink so I'll let you hurt me".
He acted hurt and started sulking about that, then started getting angry, but I was up and out the door with my bag and never entertained the idea that these things were sexy or even slightly okay again.

I wouldn't call a male who wants to have sex with another male straight, even if he only likes feminine males.

I feel like in the 90s/00s there were so many stories of male celebrities getting caught with TIM prostitutes. Makes sense that the fancies of the elite have trickled down to the general male population

Who was caught with the TIM prostitutes? I was around in the 90s/00s but can't think of any, I'm curious now!

Off the top of my head I remember hearing that about Eddie Murphy back in the day.

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So the doll will look like that dude in the picture? I wonder why they don't make dolls that look more like "Rachel" Levine, or "Grace" Lavery... or any other fugly trans basement dweller.

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So sad they don't have my ma- I mean GIRL Jessica Yaniv!

Unless the penis is part of the appeal? Jessica's penis fell off in the war LMAO

This is great. Men can slowly turn gay and all start fucking each other. I look forward to the day when they don’t care about an actual vagina anymore. Will the porn industry be able to completely brainwash men?

Be careful what you wish for. There were plenty of societies in which it was acceptable for men to be sexual with each other, yet they still kept slaves and abused women. It is not a contradiction to both be gay/bi and a misogynist.

Yeah but I think men can satisfy each other's desire to dominate and degrade better than women. They are obsessed with hierarchy rather than having an equal relationship, which is what women want. Even TIMS think being a woman means being submissive and wanting men to shit on them. It's hilarious.

Ancient Greece! Foundation of western civilisation! All about the bumming.

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IDK why this gave me a huge hearty laugh.

It's like these porn sick limp dick men are blindly searching for any hole and will take a penis if it means it has a hole with it.

TBH, I'd rather these porn rotted men do each other and leave women alone!

What's the betting the top buyers are TIMs?

100%. This seems like a great business move. Only repulsive, degenerate coomers buy sex dolls. A very large % of repulsive, degenerate coomers are TIMs. And they openly celebrate their gross fetishes in their online community so they’re advertising this shit to each other for free.

Coomerism + consumerism is the soul of “trans” and this thing sits right at the centre of the Venn Diagram.

It really is a fetish for these men but hopefully that means they’ll date more TIMs and leave women alone

Oh, men, get it together! The only time TIMs aren't whining about TERFS and victimhood, they're singing the blues about how nobody wants to have sex with them, and yet here are masses of men buying trans body dollies to hump. So much for the vaunted supply and demand system.

But then at the same time, complaining about the thousands of ‘chasers’ that are after them

I thought this was what they wanted. good for them on achieving their goal.

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