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"It's not gay if the balls don't touch."

But seriously, third genders are, while a legitimate aspect of certain cultures, an excuse to otherize gender non conforming people (especially and almost exclusively men) or to "allow" a man/woman to be gender non conforming without being lynched/outcast.

The point was, in part, that the Third Gender are almost always GNC males who in very traditional societies where women are not allowed to have sex outside marriage (e.g. as Afghanistan was and probably will be again) serve as female-imitating entertainers and prostitutes for "normies", while the few Third Genders for women require they become celibate, dress as men, etc. (e.g. in Serbia). Here's the context with more tweets:


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And the "third gender" individuals were just that, third gender. They never claimed to be women or demanded to be treated like women. Which is why this argument is exhausting. Trans people don't want to be a 3rd/4th gender. They want only two options, man or woman. Most people would accept transwomen being transwomen and transmen being transmen, i.e., recognizing their right to live however they want, but not accepting that they are the opposite sex and must be treated as such in all situations.

Fucking exactly!! WHAT exactly is wrong with transwomen are transwomen?

And what the fuck will it take to get through to them that we don't care what they wear or who they fuck, we just don't want them in our spaces

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This. For instance I support there being a 3rd bathroom. Those single room ones which I've seen labeled anything from "family restroom" to "all gender bathroom" would be great. Not only would this help people looking after opposite-sex kids and people with a variety of issues that make them uncomfortable using a restroom shared with other people, it would also clean up any of the arguments TRAs have for why they NEED opposite-sex bathroom access. Like how they say crossdressing men like TIMs might get attacked by men in the men's room (which would happen whether they identify as trans or not); I think if you choose to be a crossdressing man and you feel unsafe because of it, there should be a 3rd bathroom option to allow you to feel safe. But of course, they are not satisfied with this easy solution. Because it's never been about safety or any of that nonsense, it's only ever been about invading the women's room for their fetishes.

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Duck Respecter Pagliacci, @ Slatzism

what you said was: "pre-industrial cultures had a diversity of genders"

what I heard was: "men throughout history have always found a way to fuck other men without breaking the rules they themselves created about not fucking other men"

"If I'm touching base when it happens you're a woman so it doesn't count."

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I laughed out loud. And really that is quite rare when I'm reading the type of shit I read on the internet. So thank you.