Fuck off "India"! Macy Gray has been a prominent and respected Black artist for decades! She is NOT some washed up has-been!

Also, I can tell you're a man because any "cis" White woman on the left who talked to a Black legend the way you did would have been cancelled by now.

India has such an ugly soul that he can’t even be bothered to get Macy’s name right.

He’s ugly inside and out. He replied to her with some tragic, filtered beyond belief selfie as a “gotcha” and it’s like, stop, no one is jealous of you and it’s not a clapback if you straight up look like a man

Goddamn, they really do think being a woman is about being a fuckhole for men. Otherwise they wouldn’t think their appearance (though misguided) is a gotcha.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Piers Morgan Unc..., @ PiersUnce...

"Just because you go change your parts, doesn't make you a woman, sorry."

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India Willoughby, @ IndiaWilloughby

Have you only got ten questions Piers? Same to every guest. No wonder you're tanking. Don't ever say "I'm not transphobic" again. Total chicken

India Willoughby, @ IndiaWilloughby

As for Macey - how to kill what's left of your career.

Macy Gray, @ MacyGraysLife

truth hurts.