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Perfect. I love they said it that way. Every living thing has a sex in including plants, only humans fuck around with gender on top of it.

Technically some life forms like bacteria aren’t male or female, but agreed about humans unnecessarily piling on gender.

In short, everything with sexual reproduction (and some without, parthenogenesis in females for example) have a sex.

Technically, fungi can have gametes of many different sizes and they have many sexes. But plants and animals - only two sexes

Lmao a suffragette crab

Holey moley...time to get serious about crustaceans, and visit the crab museum in Kent one day.

I'm usually not a fan of employees' political activism spilling into unaffiliated work life (gender identity campaigners are guilty of this on so many fronts), but there at the crab museum it's done so artfully and bravely, it's hard to complain.

Besides, at science/ natural history museums, perhaps it's not so unaffiliated. After all, the gender identity lobby is doing its best to negate the scientific understanding that sex is binary (in humans) and that undergoing puberty, the transition from early life to reproductive live for many species, IS natural and widespread.

Perhaps it's time to take Terfery to other natural history museums. I believe the one in my own home town has a huge skeleton of a T-Rex: a little sticker hanging from the explanatory sign saying "Rights Hoarding Dinosaur Tourist from TERF Island" and adorned with the purple, green and white ribbons of the British suffragettes would be perfect.

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They've transed the freaking Goddess of Mercy, I think we can get away with a little crayfish wearing a suffragette ribbon lol


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wtf... They've done similar stuff here in Mexico with the Aztec gods saying that they're non binary; funnily enough, the godhead of the aztec pantheon is Ometeotl, literally Two-God, the literal sacred binary, the most binary thing ever and it's why all gods have a masculine and femenine version, but they somehow interpreted that as nonbinary lmao

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I think we can get away with a little crayfish wearing a suffragette ribbon

...and hat.

It appears to be wearing a little Edwardian straw hat. Quite right too: it's important to be properly dressed if you're an Edwardian suffragette crayfish - you're in the media glare & you wouldn't want to let the side down.

What an exploitative and manipulative way to (mis)represent Guanyin! Blatant colonization and ethnocentrism by white Western males (which is nothing new of course), but given a pass because they are TIMs.

An interesting and actually relevant exhibit could potentially explore the historical and cultural significance of Guanyin in the lives of actual Chinese women while presenting the collection pieces.

But no, let’s erase all that and preach that Guanyin is MtoF trans in a series of poorly written, juvenile talking points masquerading as legitimate descriptions of 17th century Chinese art. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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did you catch the part where they "spoke to local trans and non-binary people", but couldn't be bothered (obUK: couldn't be arsed) to talk to any actual Buddhists?

Based museum.

Too many people need to be reminded that sex is the merely description on how your body reproduces, that's it. You might look like your mate (prepubescent crab) or differently (adult crab), but at the end of the day making eggs = female, impregnating eggs = male. That's the only discriminant, my dear genderqueer lurkers.

Yes...that the gender identity movement is trying to negate the idea that sex is binary...or, even make out that it's something tawdry or unseemly...is worrying.

In a conversation with a trans person over the weekend, he said that he almost never used the word "sex," even though he believed in the ideas of gender expression, gender identity and biological sex. He said that talking about sex was unseemly...and, that asking someone's sex was wrong. I should have pushed further...should have strove to understand what he meant. Now, he was a trans person, and had obviously gone to some lengths to give the impression of the male sex...but seemed to imply that his sex was info that should remain private.

What does it mean that certain trans people want to keep their trans status and/ or their biological sex a secret? Or, that in gender identity circles, sex (as in are you female or male?) Is becoming not only a dirty word, nut taboo.

Took me a couple views to see it, but the suffragette crab has a little teacup!

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