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I just want to assure everyone that I am a fanatic and a radical. Whatever the next insulting word for feminist is, I identify as that

Only one problem with this and that's the word "man" has not been replaced. It's only women's words that are under attack.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I have yet to hear of a medical establishment refer to men as "scrotum draggers" or "people of penis" or "prostate-havers" or "be-testicle'd"... It is only 'woman' (and the associated words) that are being erased. You can see lots of examples of orgs putting out literature that even names "fathers and birthing parents". Every word associated with females is becoming taboo to wokists.

Yes. It's only "women" who are being erased as a biological sex. The male sex is still "men and boys", and nobody tries to sell condoms to ejaculators or proposes turning Fathers' Day into Impregnating Parent's Day.

This movement is inherently about the hatred of the female body.

I literally had the same thought. I was like ‘Ummm, I don’t see men being called ball sack havers’.

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Agree. I guess I could see it as TIFs jumping ship to claim "man" for themselves when it doesn't belong to them at all.

It's funny when I see them claim terfs have been "radicalized online". lmao like no, we just believe what we always have, what everyone else did until recently, state the dictionary def of "woman". plz.

They are the radicalized ones and can't see it, believing and pushing extreme reality denying dogma.

A TERF is anyone who identifies as one. I don't identify as a TERF, so wokes can't cancel me.

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No idea who made it, found it here:


Image Transcript

[PHOTO: Header image - Mid-shot backview of a long brown-haired woman in a black winter jacket, a paper bag marked PRIMARK over her shoulder. The rest are white text against a blue-to-black background.]


TERFs are your wives and mothers, your sisters and your daughters. Many do not even know what TERF stands for. TERFs are ordinary women who have noticed there is something very wrong with the world.

Rapists are put into women's prisons and mediocre athletes allowed to dominate women's sports. Politicians and doctors spout anatomical absurdities while authors and academics are threatened and hounded for speaking out.

Commonplace words like 'mother' or 'woman' and 'man' are proscribed or replaced. Privacy and safety can no longer be taken for granted, even in places that were once women's sanctuaries. Saddest of all: the victories that past generations of women won to have their rights recognised and respected are being conceded without a fight by those who seem to have no concept of what they cost.

When you call someone a TERF, you may think it is an insult. It isn't. It is someone who has woken up to what has been going on behind their backs: the steady erosion of women's sex-based rights.

TERFS are not fanatics or radicals, they are people who have lost patience with lies and pretence. They are women who will not be silent or allow themselves to be silenced.

That's one to save, print, and surreptitiously distribute in public places, LOL.


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...a miserable pile of secrets?

I'll see myself out