It boils down to this. Men cause a lot of problems for women, they are the single biggest threat to our safety and always have been. Therefore a big part of women's rights activism was creating even a tiny number of spaces where women could have some privacy and safety apart from men. Originally there were no women's public restrooms. As a result, women were largely excluded from public life. Massachusetts was the first US state to require women's bathrooms back in 1887. TRAs have made forcing women to accept men into all of their spaces the main focus of their activism. Do they not see how this is in conflict? You literally cannot serve both interests at once, that is the definition of zero sum.

If TRAs were instead working to create separate spaces or organizations or opportunities for TIPs, the same way women did for ourselves, then it wouldn't be a zero sum game. I will not stop them from making TIP sports leagues or prisons or anything else. We don't owe them anything, we worked hard for what we built for ourselves, and they're welcome to do the same.