I think for some of them they mean the literal word “woman” is not banned on its own. They fail to realise that banning it “in certain contexts” is the same thing.

What they meant is that you are allowed to use it to refer to biological males.

Yes! Only TIMs are allowed to be women or mothers, the rest of us are "birthing bodies" and "bleeders". Likewise only men and their partners (whether bi/hetero women or other men) are allowed to be lesbians, actual lesbians are "genital fetishists". It's all about elevating men and degrading women.

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Well phew and thank fuck for that. Mightily relieved to know that's permissible.

Yes, see it's all OKAY because the word woman isn't erased! It's just being given to another group that needed it more. It's the only KIND thing to do!