I want to be sympathetic. And I am. I understand that no amount of idiocy makes it ok to take advantage of someone and maim them like that. But I would like to also see detransitioners talk about how they fell for this stuff, and how others can learn to protect themselves too.

Helena (lacroicsz @ twitter) has a good thread on the informed consent document she was given and how woefully lacking it was at telling her the actual effect testosterone would have on her body. The risks listed frankly sound like what you'd see as possible side effects for over-the-counter allergy medication.

I think, genuinely, that many people who transition just did not know or care enough to find out. They are told that cross-sex hormones will solve all their problems and that they need to transition before they get too old. When you're sold a dream, the risks seem too inconsequential to matter.

i think you hit the nail on the head with dont care enough to find out, all the information is freely available online, if we can find it and educate ourselves so can they.

[–] PeskySeperatist 16 points Edited

Ah but you see, their cult has invented a boogeyman for them; anytime they do stumble across negative research/perspectives they are taught to assume a TERF wrote it.
Kind of reminds me of the red panic in America; anything anti-capitalist or pro-worker must come from a nefarious source.

I can understand how someone can be duped if multiple medical professionals are telling them that medical transition will magically fix all their problems. People are socialized to trust their doctors. And, if a person has little to no medical literacy, they're more likely to just go along with whatever the gender doctor tells them. Especially if they're mentally ill and desperate for a quick fix to their problems

100%! It also doesn't help that the trans community shuts down anyone with valid concerns after seeing information that details the negatives of taking wrong-sex hormones, surgery, etc. saying it's all just "anti-trans propaganda". If their doctors aren't telling them the whole truth, and the people they consider their peers in this are convincing them anything critical of the process is the work of people who hate them/want them to die, it's no wonder that a lot of people are getting duped. :(

It is a genuine tragedy that so many institutions that should be trustworthy (government, medicine, journalism) simply aren't. I try not to blame people for trusting mainstream experts -- they're simply doing what they should be able to do in a healthier society.

they're simply doing what they should be able to do in a healthier society.

This! It sucks that we all have to become self-taught experts at everything because we can no longer trust institutions and mainstream experts to give us truthful/accurate information

I think people don't really know that much about how their bodies work and think taking cross sex hormones is NBD. They don't realize that combined with hormone blockers that even a short course of blockers + hormones will make them sterile for life.

I wonder if he even knows. Most mentally ill people lack insight into who they are and why they do what they do. We’re probably going to have to wait a few years for the current wave of detransitioners to get therapy and process their experiences before we get any reliable answers out of them. I mean, Shape Shifter is no where near Isaac’s level of instability, but he still seems quite shell shocked. There’s a lot of good intentions but maybe not so much understanding yet.

Like another poster said, he just did a podcast/interview with Blair White. He says he grew up in a very homophobic Muslim family, and, when he moved to the states as a very feminine GNC male, he was suckered into the trans cult and fed the idea of being a transwoman. He subconsciously saw that as an escape from being gay and pursued it. And then as soon as he started identifying as a "woman", he didn't see an attractive GNC boy in the mirror anymore but an ugly woman, so he started taking step by medical step to look more like an attractive woman.

Textbook HSTS in his own words. He says he still loves doing his nails and having long hair, but he wishes he didn't feel like he had to change his body to do those things.

He did a podcast with Blair White where he explains all that.

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 12 points

Extreme misogyny from both sides is how it happens. Not gonna elaborate, but I know.

Meanwhile, perimenopausal and menopausal women are unable to get HRT because men are using it all for their fetishes. So please understand, my empathy levels are wearing very, very low here.

I'm curious to know how much he was charged out of pocket for his estrogen & his "gender affirming surgeries" back when he still identified as a trans-woman.

It all feels like a seedy drug deal. Give the "patient" free or low cost drugs initially. And, once their bodies are forever dependent on artificial hormones regardless of whether or not they detransition, jack up the prices. Its such a cruel and transparent grift

I hope the replies told him not to use the gel its a danger to others as it comes out the skin and affects other humans and animals via skin to skin contact and it can seep thru clothing.

he should get injections or something instead

There might be a reason he needs the gel (ie if injecting the drug is unsafe for some reason or he needs to target a specific area). But regardless, I hope a doctor or pharmacist made sure he understood the risks to others before giving it to him

[–] Lipsy #bornnotworn 9 points Edited

T is absorbed into blood serum, where it's carried to all areas of the body regardless of its entry point. It's not possible to target specific areas of the body with T.

It's true that the directions for Androgel specify certain locations where it should be rubbed into the skin, but those locations are chosen so as /1/ to minimize the chance of accidental spread if the patient (who is instructed to wear at least a short-sleeve T-shirt) touches a Woman, child, or pet, and also /2/ to avoid areas where the hormone will be absorbed too slowly (thick skin, more bodyfat) or too fast (thin skin, less bodyfat).

In fact, bodybuilders who subscribe to the myth of 'targeted' T administration—and/or who just hope and pray that such a thing might be possible—are a lot more likely to take a stab at it with intramuscular injections, which they can shoot directly into the muscle(s) that they're hoping in vain to specifically target.

("take a stab at it"! tee hee)

HRT gels are also dangerous to pets. My girlfriends dog got sick from either the estrogen/progesterone gel she was given for menopause systems.

When I took it my doctor did not warn me.

First of all, he doesn’t need T. Second of all, he especially doesn’t need T if it’s going to risk harm to others.

Even if this were an actual life-saving cancer drug, no one is entitled to it if it’s going to risk the health of other people around them. But this isn’t even that. This is something that will maybe make him feel more manly or something? Meanwhile also making him more prone to male-pattern violence.

We should be getting testosterone out of all men, not trying to get it back into them or into women. Men losing T for any reason is a convenience, not a problem.

Testosterone does a lot more than cause aggression. Even women need testosterone. This is like saying we as women need to be more assertive so women with PCOS shouldn't take estrogen.

I don't get how they can commit to something so drastic without understanding anything about it. I do more research before starting on a new craft project! Seriously, ask me about barn quilts.

These people are groomed to believe that their only two options are medical transition or suicide.

They probably do loads and loads of (what they think is) research: obsessively reading and posting on Reddit, reading all the stuff there is on the internet about how you must transition of you will kill yourself, all the propaganda about how your life will be bliss after medical transition.

All the useful stuff they probably dismiss as transphobic.

Yes, I imagine it's the same echo chamber research that various people say others should do.

What pennygadget said about suicide, but also think about how captured even Google is and how research is censored. The only people talking about this are conservatives (evil!) and radfems (suuuper evil TERFs, booga booga). They are groomed and then only shown happy rainbows results. And most of them are teens when they start and teens aren’t going to do in depth research, which these institutions KNOW. It’s all very insidious.

What are barn quilts? :)

It's a quilt square that isn't fabric, it's painted with outdoor paint, and you put it on your barn. The largest ones are 8' x 8', made with 2 full sheets of plywood. Mine is for the contest at the International Plowing Championship, so it has to be 24" x 24". I have the plywood cut. Tomorrow I have to screw a mounting board on the back, fill in the holes, give it a rough sand, then prime it. Next day, I will sand down the raised grain, and prime it again. The next day I will transfer my pattern to it, and tape along the edges of all of the parts of one colour. I ordered sample colours of opaque exterior stain, because it isn't worth having more. If it weren't for a competition, I would have just put out a call for leftovers and made it with whatever I got. Anyway, I'll keep doing this colour at a time, letting them each completely dry, removing the old tape and tape each new section until it is all painted with no gaps. After the contest, I can put it up and even register it on a barn quilt trail, because, apparently some people spend their weekends driving around looking at them. This craft was only developed around 20 years ago, but is an homage to the practical crafts of rural women, blah, blah, blah. I have more, but I'm going to get chided for putting it in the wrong category. Hope you see it before it gets yanked 😉

[–] crodish fujoshit 24 points

We already told you the whole entire thing's point was to make you patients for life because you would constantly need hormones to keep the modified appearances and never ending surgeries to look more like your True Self + all the other complications that will inevitably set in because YOUR BODY WASN'T MADE TO DO THAT SHIT.

Sigh. Glad he peaked, but why did it have to come at this cost

If I understand this correctly, his health insurance paid around 250000 $ for all these crazy surgeries. Can't he just come out as a trans man inside a trans woman's body and have them foot the bill to try and reverse what can be reversed?

bio trans man?!

Well, it could be a totally new concept, like Russian nesting dolls. Talk about capitalizing on people's problems!

Blaire White did an interview on Shape Shifter, if anyone's interested. I do think we need to support detransitioners, and policing someone's appearance is kind of unneccessary. Since being a woman isn't a costume, what does it matter if a man looks like a woman.

If I’m doing emotional labor for a man, I expect compensation. They create all their own problems.

But on a universal level, we need some amount of basic tolerance and support, for the society to function. Not everyone needs to be emotionally invested in everything, but at the very least we shouldn't direct unneccessary negativity towards people who can be our allies.

I am working toward this level of maturity. You’re definitely right.

That really sucks, I feel bad for anyone in this situation whether they were trans or had to have their gonads removed for a medical reason. People are forgetting that hormones don't just exist for cosmetic purposes, they're involved in a lot of essential biological processes. We need them, they aren't optional.

And this is another sad aspect of transing healthy people. Medication can be expensive (especially if you have shit insurance). And these people will need artificial hormones forever even if they detransition. And the costs add up if they also need other medications, supplies like ostomy bags, etc.

And the way America works, you could have a good job with great insurance but the odds of you staying there are low. So your next job could have shit insurance. And it’s not like bad job = bad insurance, it’s all a crapshoot. My cousins were just talking about this this past weekend (they aren’t trans, just normies). One is a nurse and her last job had great insurance but now she’s a nurse elsewhere and the insurance sucks so she’s shopping for individual insurance (which is hella $).

Not to mention the people who become too sick and/or disabled to continue working and lose their insurance entirely. And then have to contend with a "benefits" system that won't help you until you're literally destitute

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