I've been downloaded to almost -100 for linking a study on Reddit showing that men commit 97% of all child sexual abuse.

The coping is insane lmfao. "B-but see women aKshUaLly do it more b-because my aunt-"

lol men will dismiss any common sense view or anything that seems just reality-based intuition by being like BUT THERE’S NO DATAAAAAAAAA, even when it’s clearly something you wouldn’t have studies about in the first place…but then if some formal study calls men out somehow they suddenly understand elements of your perspective and start ranting about how women are just less likely to be caught because they’re less expected and reported on…yeah, almost like I’m trying to get it to sink in for you that most of the male offenses aren’t reported either and if we could magically know the true rate men would absolutely without doubt be in an extraordinarily lead still, always…

Yeah that's always hilarious to me. You see, women are dumb and inferior except when it comes to crime. Then, we're secretly evil geniuses who are actually worse than men, we are just wily enough to not get caught. We're never caught with child porn? Because we're all genius hackers. Never caught murdering? We're all secret forensic scientists who evade detection.

BUT we can’t be listened to in arguments because we’re dumb…it’s like we’re almost always just dumb and then occasionally can summon a demon to act through us.