The evil that men do vs the evil that women do is so wildly out of whack that most people cannot process it. So they both (1) take it for granted such that it's taboo to even mention and (2) vehemently deny it. Such responses are mutually exclusive in the extreme, and yet they are held quite commonly among both men and women.

On the topic, today's NYT printed yet another hand-wringing essay on the regular, routine, utterly predictable U.S. tradition of males strolling into public places and slaughtering everyone in sight. This one was actually better than most, because the author did use the words man and men several times in the beginning, but naturally reverted to musing on why such people do what they do.

I started to write a comment, but they closed comments by the time I was ready to post. Here is what I wrote:

There's an entire class of the human population many of whom endure bullying, loneliness, and worse in childhood and beyond -- in addition to wildly disproportionate levels of sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault -- while somehow managing to avoid committing these atrocities. Yet we take for granted that women and girls perpetrate less than one percent of such crime, giving them no credit for their restraint or even considering that they might have a solution to the problem, if only we would ask.

Great response. Really great. I think the problem here yet again is that women aren’t considered human so nothing we do/are could possibly be a model for the real humans. Even when the things women do are pro social and pro civilization.