I just started reading a book on how to be a good person, and it stated that,on average, women are more altruistic (measured in how much we give to charity, etc. I assume) BUT women in some few countries, like Bangladesh, were not more altruistic than the men in that country. In fact, the more rights women had, the more pronounced was the difference.

I mean, I am not surprised that women in misogynist shitholes start to care about themselves, first, at some point ... though I suspect they still care for their children first, and the ways "altruism" was measured just didn't work for women so poor they have to work all day and can neither give to charity nor do any charity work.

Might be the same difference for UK and US ... women in the UK still have sex-based rights. Some, at least. So might be less murderously inclined. And of course, guns do make it easier for women to commit murders, but I don't think that's really much of a factor except for women shooting men (who have guns) in self-defence and that being counted as murder. The main thing you need for murder is ruthlessness, the only thing guns really do is massively increase the number of victims - and there are, if any, so few female mass shooters that it cannot be guns that help female Americans up their percentage.

There has been the occasional female serial killer who just gave rat poison to her victims, after all. I imagine if UK women really wanted to murder, they could find a way.

(Would be interesting to look at the numbers for, say, Germany. We don't have the guns here, but we do have a lot of bureaucracy that would theoretically make it harder for serial killers who make murdering their spouse look like an accident to get away with it by just moving someplace else where no one knows they were married and widowed three times ...)

Or, of course, the US just has falsely recorded male murderers as women for longer than the UK has.

US just has falsely recorded male murderers as women for longer than the UK has.

Yep, when looking at such small number of female murderers, even recording an additional 1 or 2 males as “woman” will drastically change the murder stat. Another good reason to never record “gender” and always use original sex.