I've been downloaded to almost -100 for linking a study on Reddit showing that men commit 97% of all child sexual abuse.

The coping is insane lmfao. "B-but see women aKshUaLly do it more b-because my aunt-"

lol men will dismiss any common sense view or anything that seems just reality-based intuition by being like BUT THERE’S NO DATAAAAAAAAA, even when it’s clearly something you wouldn’t have studies about in the first place…but then if some formal study calls men out somehow they suddenly understand elements of your perspective and start ranting about how women are just less likely to be caught because they’re less expected and reported on…yeah, almost like I’m trying to get it to sink in for you that most of the male offenses aren’t reported either and if we could magically know the true rate men would absolutely without doubt be in an extraordinarily lead still, always…

Yeah that's always hilarious to me. You see, women are dumb and inferior except when it comes to crime. Then, we're secretly evil geniuses who are actually worse than men, we are just wily enough to not get caught. We're never caught with child porn? Because we're all genius hackers. Never caught murdering? We're all secret forensic scientists who evade detection.

BUT we can’t be listened to in arguments because we’re dumb…it’s like we’re almost always just dumb and then occasionally can summon a demon to act through us.

The evil that men do vs the evil that women do is so wildly out of whack that most people cannot process it. So they both (1) take it for granted such that it's taboo to even mention and (2) vehemently deny it. Such responses are mutually exclusive in the extreme, and yet they are held quite commonly among both men and women.

On the topic, today's NYT printed yet another hand-wringing essay on the regular, routine, utterly predictable U.S. tradition of males strolling into public places and slaughtering everyone in sight. This one was actually better than most, because the author did use the words man and men several times in the beginning, but naturally reverted to musing on why such people do what they do.

I started to write a comment, but they closed comments by the time I was ready to post. Here is what I wrote:

There's an entire class of the human population many of whom endure bullying, loneliness, and worse in childhood and beyond -- in addition to wildly disproportionate levels of sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault -- while somehow managing to avoid committing these atrocities. Yet we take for granted that women and girls perpetrate less than one percent of such crime, giving them no credit for their restraint or even considering that they might have a solution to the problem, if only we would ask.

And to add onto that, every mundane problem they bitch about is shared by women as well. Like depression, loneliness, financial responsibilities (muh child support) , dangerous jobs, being overlooked, higher mortality statistics in certain categories, managing emotions for the sake of others, etc

I'd go into the rest of their ridiculous shit like the draft , not being believed (false accusations) , the biased court, etc but most of that shit isn't even stuff they've dealt with . But it COULD happen!!

And that's worse!

Great response. Really great. I think the problem here yet again is that women aren’t considered human so nothing we do/are could possibly be a model for the real humans. Even when the things women do are pro social and pro civilization.

This post is so transphobic. You're supposed to say "semen owners commit 97% of the rapes". Do better, TERF

How dare you, femseminators are innocent and never commit any crimes ever and if they do, they're allowed to because they are The Most Oppressed.

And transitioning to a woman does not change your crime demographic, but transitioning to a man does yield an uptick in violent crime.

Do you have a study for that?

Second, regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime. By contrast, female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls (aHR 4.1; 95% CI 2.5–6.9) but did not differ from male controls. This indicates a shift to a male pattern regarding criminality and that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime.

Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden

This says to me that testosterone is the culprit. I have seen some feminists claim that testosterone has nothing to do with criminality but there it is, right there in the stats -- what do men and TIFs have in common? Male levels of T, or at least much, much higher in TIFs than is normal for women, anyway.

And mental illness and testosterone do not play nicely together. When a woman has a schizophrenic break, you almost never hear about it. When a man has a schizophrenic break, he makes for a dangerous fellow Greyhound passenger.

That murder number is low. I know world wide it’s well over 95% of murders are done by males.

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I also thought rapes were 99%. Tons of rapes in many places don't get reported. Just look at marital rapes in countries where it's not even illegal. And in places where a woman could be murdered in an "honor killing" if she reports she has been raped.

ETA: Oh, the post clarifies at the beginning it is talking about US numbers. I still think the numbers are low. Men know that if they report rapes and other crimes committed by women, they don't face a remotely similar risk of being the victim of a revenge attack that women do, as those statistics show.

Men commit 94% of murders in the UK, and I was wondering why the difference. It is probably because a woman with a gun has a much higher likelihood of killing a man than a woman without a gun. (Not advocating for guns, just saying.)

I just started reading a book on how to be a good person, and it stated that,on average, women are more altruistic (measured in how much we give to charity, etc. I assume) BUT women in some few countries, like Bangladesh, were not more altruistic than the men in that country. In fact, the more rights women had, the more pronounced was the difference.

I mean, I am not surprised that women in misogynist shitholes start to care about themselves, first, at some point ... though I suspect they still care for their children first, and the ways "altruism" was measured just didn't work for women so poor they have to work all day and can neither give to charity nor do any charity work.

Might be the same difference for UK and US ... women in the UK still have sex-based rights. Some, at least. So might be less murderously inclined. And of course, guns do make it easier for women to commit murders, but I don't think that's really much of a factor except for women shooting men (who have guns) in self-defence and that being counted as murder. The main thing you need for murder is ruthlessness, the only thing guns really do is massively increase the number of victims - and there are, if any, so few female mass shooters that it cannot be guns that help female Americans up their percentage.

There has been the occasional female serial killer who just gave rat poison to her victims, after all. I imagine if UK women really wanted to murder, they could find a way.

(Would be interesting to look at the numbers for, say, Germany. We don't have the guns here, but we do have a lot of bureaucracy that would theoretically make it harder for serial killers who make murdering their spouse look like an accident to get away with it by just moving someplace else where no one knows they were married and widowed three times ...)

Or, of course, the US just has falsely recorded male murderers as women for longer than the UK has.

US just has falsely recorded male murderers as women for longer than the UK has.

Yep, when looking at such small number of female murderers, even recording an additional 1 or 2 males as “woman” will drastically change the murder stat. Another good reason to never record “gender” and always use original sex.

I wasn't suggesting that US women are more murderous, more that if they have guns they are more able to shoot their domestic abuser.

Oh but women are just as bad, just as violent say the whiney men. No, no we really aren’t. If we were a lot more men would be killed in their sleep or eat poisoned food.

Show me a female school shooter.

Brenda Spencer is the only other one who comes to mind and that was in 1979 (the inspiration for I Don’t Like Mondays).

only female school shooter I have heard about was one that was FTM.

I'm surprised that 1 out of 5 arsonists is a woman.

I went to a lecture on arson from a criminologist. Apparently many female arsonists are (and somehow you know what's coming next) sexual abuse survivors.

Aren't men only 49% of the population in the US? I believe women are still the minority worldwide because of, y'know, all the femicide at birth.

ETA: https://countrymeters.info/en/World Men are 50.5% of the world population.

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