If I inadvertently trigger "dysphoria" it is NOT transphobic. I am not responsible for your feelings. If me talking about my body makes you feel bad that is on YOU and you alone and not my problem.

And back when men’s theory was that women’s issues stemmed from penis envy - did men stop making everything phallic to protect our feelings? Nope - just PENIS SHAPED EVERYTHING around us 😂

Exactly. This is equivalent to an overweight person getting mad that a thin person is talking about this workout routine.

Your hangups aren't my problem

No, it's not. It's like an overweight person getting mad at a thin person for having a body.

Yep it’s like an overweight person being mad at thin person for exisiting, then going on to loudly complain that it is unsafe for them to just exist.

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I might adjust that just a little: don't talk about your female-sexed bodies, women, unless it's within the context of enhancing their allure for the male sexual gaze.

Yes, and that fits in well with how we are supposed to be embrace and praise an endless onslaught of abusive porn and disgusting, violent fetishes.

We can “celebrate our sexuality” as long as that only means kissing the ass of depraved porn addicts, but as soon as we criticize porn sites for videos of literal rape and trafficked underage minors, or “kink shame” some psychopath who wants to strangle women, or talk about the male gaze, then we need to shut up.

Celebrating real sexuality in women instead of pornified male created stereotypes? Speaking up for our own sexual needs? Choosing who we sleep with based on actual attraction, and saying no to men we don’t want? Lesbians refusing to be with men? Oh no, can’t have any of that! 🙄