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This is the worst fucking timeline. I can't believe this is real fucking life where despite millions of years of evolution and still only two sexes, humans really believe they can change sex because of feelings and that disagreement is bigoted, hateful, and criminalized. Fuck. This. Earth.

It is insane that it's not only socially acceptable but socially mandated to prioritize the feelings of deluded autogynephiles over the rights of disabled women.

My favorite aunt, may she rest in peace, needed home care for years (she was paralyzed in a car accident at 15 and suffered a lot of complications and chronic ill health), and the thought of one of these putrid men being allowed to even walk into her home makes my blood absolutely boil. I literally can't verbalize what this makes me want to do. Apparently it's okay to put some of the most vulnerable women in this country in an even more perilous position to validate men who think they can self-identify into forcing us to play along with their fetish. I refuse. Thank god I have Ovarit now, because it's heartening to see that other women staunchly refuse to entertain this garbage too.

I can’t forget the poor woman who was literally raped to death (the rape caused an internal haemorrhage) by a male nurse after she’d been admitted to a hospital in the north-west of England after a stroke and was non-verbal so couldn’t explain what had been done to her.

Women have to have the right to intimate care by other women and that does not include trans women.

(JK is absolutely amazing.)

And also

God that’s terrible. Please tell me he was fired and jailed.

I’ve heard many stories of women in comas being raped and eventually giving birth. I know someone who was raped by an employee in the hospital bathroom while she was there for an extended psych stay. These men are so eager to prey on sick and disabled women, it’s absolutely abhorrent. JKR is right. Gender ideology has created the perfect breeding environment for these predatory misogynists. We shouldn’t have to worry about our safety when we’re in the hospital :(

Every word a truth nugget.

I am so glad JKR clearly sees that you can never win with transgender ideology (see Macy Gray walking into the TRA buzz-saw).

Enough of this. Pushback is the only way. Calling out misogyny every single time.

Men saying "I´m actually a woman" is a pass for them that allows them to trample all over women while other men and their handmaidens scream at the female victims that they are bigots and transphobes for not allowing "transwomen" to abuse them.

Any woman has the right to refuse to be touched by any person.

Fuck all the trans movement!!!

I gasped when I saw the date. Go JK Rowling. What a feminist icon.

(and welcome back, GraceHoward1729)

Thank you darling 😭 i went back home for uni hols and ended up in the hospital (all good now).. missed y'all x

100% spot on. Much like pretending not to hate gays, pretending not to hate women was jus, well, pretending. And now they don't have to.